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Clean Up!

I did dishes today. And a load of laundry. And I have about a billion loads of laundry that need doing!

Aside from that, I'm about to shower and wash my hair, which after several days sick I really need. (smile)

Yes, I do some common-every-day type things, now and then!

Tomorrow I'll work in the office, planning for a late day. (Marilyn mistressmarilyn got home by 7:00 p.m. tonight, but just barely.

She'll have to drop me off early, as she has a GFP meeting in the morning (held at Studio Concepts), and I need to be at the downtown office. No worries. We did this before and it worked perfectly!

I don't know if sister Sue suzy_qp felt up to going to cribbage tonight (held for the first time at Our Daily Bread), or not. She's had a rough time after having her teeth pulled. She was excited about cribbage, so I hope she was able to attend and enjoy herself.

Kris is coming in and we have several IT projects to deal with. One of these is annoying, but that's all I feel like saying about it. I feel it's time better spent elsewhere, let me make that clear. And as it's MY JOB to manage his time (and my IT budget), hopefully no more time will be wasted in that direction!

Anyway, I've got both IT and website to tackle. Happily the eBulletin went out in a timely fashion yesterday -- and I was pleased with the header banner and images included.

I've been Tweeting away at Twitter -- almost entirely about the festival. I have around 380 followers now. Yeah, I know -- that's not all that many. But I wasn't really active there until starting in January of this year. So it's something... Hopefully as I get more involved I'll get more followers. As for me, I'm following around 760 users.

I have this thing for making my own Twitter backgrounds and switching them all the time. (smile) I just love trying new things. And I tend to like to personalize them with a photo of me... (You can always tell it's me, in other words... grin...)

Well, I'd better get that shower and get to bed. I'm looking forward to a three-day weekend (that we've both earned). Of course, we need to finish writing, get manicures (sigh) and clean before having guests over Monday night. But I'm sure we'll get a ride in (!!!) and loads of rest, too.

(And we'd better get a trip to Freddies and Wal-Mart in, as we need groceries and whatnot...)

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