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Back from the Beach!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn, sister Sue suzy_qp and I are back from a trip to the beach.

We went in to Seaside and played just a little Fascination. (Marilyn and I each won two regular games, but none of us won Coverall.)

Then we went into Cannon Beach and had dinner at the Wayfarer (one of our faves). I had the special (STEAK that was fabulous) and enjoyed it a ton.

We were driving home in the dark, but it was well worth it! A nice getaway that we totally earned this past week.

Now I need to start working on my story for Writing Circle tomorrow night (!!!), which I haven't started -- aside from TONS AND TONS of research, that is! The topic is 'George Washington' -- and I have a good idea of what I want to write. We'll see how it goes!

Marilyn has done a bunch of research, too, but hasn't started her story. Sue has an idea, but hasn't started. Logan was long ago finished. I saw at Facebook that Laura finished her story today. Marilyn says that as of yesterday Angel hadn't started his story. And I don't know about Dick and Jodi... I could still be doing MORE research, but I'm out of time! (I'm only part way through my huge hardback book on George Washington, I'm afraid...)

First thing tomorrow morning, Marilyn takes Sue to her dentist appointment (with Mary) to have all her upper teeth pulled. While that's happening, Marilyn will be at the nearby Starbucks using WiFi to work Remotely. I'll be here at home cleaning house and getting ready to have guests tomorrow night. Marilyn has her OWN doctor appointment in the afternoon, as well. Then tomorrow night we have our monthly Writing Circle here -- so it should prove to be a busy day!

We just had a WEIRD experience! There was this electronic 'sound' in our office that we'd never heard before and couldn't seem to track down. We both listened and hunted and hunted. Finally I realized it was my OLD cellphone, which was still on (why, why, why???). I'd stuck it away in a drawer and the battery was dying and that was the sound!

The good thing? I 'lost' all my messages when I transferred to the new phone. I got to port my contacts, but that's all. And we were telling Sue about a few 'odd' messages I'd recently received, but that we thought were lost forever. Not so! I can look at them and write them out, so that's a good thing...

Well, time to WRITE. I'd love to read what's up with my LiveJournal friends (!!!), but I need to get to it now. It's almost 11:00 p.m., I'm tired and tomorrow will be busy and LONG, so...

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