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The 'Birthday' Of Our Website!

Well, with LiveJournal having been down (shocked to hear it, actually!), I didn't end up posting this any sooner...

But today is the 'one year' bday of Marilyn's mistressmarilyn and my website.

We posted two new fics for the special occasion! (smile)

Marilyn wrote an amazing new 'Colin Farrell's Adventures in Slash' fic, "Doors Of Perception" -- and I personally love it! It brought back my youth with a bang! (And we had to watch a bunch of Oliver Stone's "The Doors" last night while Marilyn worked out so she could get inspired before finishing the fic -- which was a blast. I love that movie.)

She got one feedback today that offended me -- but didn't bother her. I'm sure most fbs will be good, reflecting the quality of her writing rather than making cracks about the subject. But we lived during those days, my friends -- and remember them very well! (Even if we didn't do acid or smoke pot. I guess we were high enough on the times, which were amazing, in all honesty.) The fic is incredible -- and if you're not bothered by reading about drug use -- and graphic slash sex -- then you should definitely check it out.

My contribution was quite different! (grin) Years back I wrote a WWW ("The Wild, Wild West") fic for a fanzine -- better known as zines. We used to have zine editors we interacted with -- and the work was 'published' in zines.

I made a great friend via an LOC (Letter Of Comment) back then -- and we interacted for years afterward! Then I lost track of her...

But we reconnected via Yahoo! Groups!!! How about that?

Anyway, Gail (the friend) asked me why this WWW fic wasn't up at our site -- and I had to tell her I'd 'lost' it! I didn't have it on my hard drive and I couldn't locate a copy of the zine...

But this week I started one of my New Year's Resolutions -- to pare down all the crap around our house! I was cleaning in our office and I found a diskette with the fic!

I've re-worked it a bit (my writing back then was somewhat awful, really) and put it up at the site today -- "The Night Of Rapine And Revelations." (Note: It's non-con and quite graphic sex between two men, so if that's not your cup of tea, please don't read!)

I'd wanted to get two fic banners done -- one for each. But that didn't quite happen... (sigh)

I spent more than an hour trying to get a DVD to play on the new computer! Damn Windows. Damn Microsoft. Damn them!!! It appears that Windows XP simply doesn't automatically support playing DVDs (God knows why)...

I'll be calling my tech (who sold us the comps) on Monday (holiday or no) to find out what the hell I need to do now. (That's after spending $30 to purchase a DVD decoder that appears not to work...)


We're in the middle of a delightful (heavy sarcasm) ice storm here. Freezing rain started in the middle of the night and has come down all day long. We can't step outside the house -- and driving is bad. Seriously bad.

And it's so cold! We've had the furnace running full blast all day long and sincerely cannot heat the house. It's a bitch, frankly.

Anyway, on that note, off to Blogger the news on our website!

I miss you guys. I'm so busy with various websites I do and with Yahoo! Groups moderation that I hardly ever get to LJ anymore.

I was stunned when Brad sold LJ, by the way! (He currently lives and operates LJ from Portland, for those who don't know.) What a shocker...

Hugs to all of you!

(I was 'unfriended' by a couple of people. I suppose because I haven't been around -- or commented -- lately. Why does that bother me? I guess because those people don't even say 'goodbye' somehow first...)

Have I said Happy New Year here, yet? (smile)

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