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Busy Day With Website and Housework...

I actually did a little (very little) bit of housework today. I scrubbed off the draining rack pad (which is white and gets quite dirty over time). And I put away clean dishes and did a load of dirty dishes and picked up the kitchen a little bit. I also cleaned out both the upstairs and downstairs fridges (they needed it), because it's Wednesday, which means garbage and recycling!

I've been working on that on and off all day, too. I got the cat boxes done early and some of the recycling, but I'm still at the rest of it at 10:00 p.m. (sigh)

I put the new toilet seats on in both bathrooms (woo hoo), which is a bigger job than it sounds, I suspect. Nice to have those! (smile)

I worked on website items (I still have tons in the queue), spending hours on coding.

All day long in between all this stuff, I played with my new phone. I'm getting really used to it and good at using it now. It's a cool phone!

I did end up doing some IT-related things, too. I talked more than once to Rick about the Integra forms (which wouldn't go through to the festival emails no matter how hard Rick tried). He finally got them to me at my home email, then it was in Excel 2007 and I couldn't open them. (sigh) Rick fixed that, so I finally have them tonight! (woo hoo)

And I talked more than once to Kris, too, trying to figure out some current IT issues... (They're always something to fix, it seems.)

Sister Sue suzy_qp and I started off the day going to Starbucks, where she told me all about her cribbage trip last weekend to Reno. Gosh, it's been ages since I've been there! She stayed at the Sands, which I always used to like. She did really well and made quite a bit of $$$, plus she got points. We ran a couple errands to the post office and Patty's before having coffee and chatting. A nice break in my long day.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn didn't get home from work until around 8:00 p.m. tonight. She had another super-busy day with tons of meetings (!!!). I don't envy her schedule!

I let the cats go out briefly twice today, which they love. The weather was sunny and quite warm for winter. Lovely.

I'm just finishing up some work -- then I need to finish the garbage and recycling. Tomorrow I'd love to get some laundry done (???) if possible, and maybe do more housecleaning. But I have a lot of festival working that needs to be tackled, too, so I don't know how the other stuff will end up. I'd love to get some things done BEFORE this weekend, as I still haven't started my story for next Monday's Writing Circle meeting. Plus why wait until the last minute to clean up around it for company???

Both Marilyn and I are just BEAT all the time lately. It reminds me of the way it is much closer in to actual festival time. It's just been so busy and we're working so hard, I guess it's no wonder how tired we get. Last night we both fell asleep and had a hard time rousing ourselves to actually go to bed.

I have another orientation for a new Staff member on Friday. Plus I had so many interruptions while meeting with Megan that I missed some of her computer settings (!!!). So I'll need to make time to meet briefly with her again Friday, as well.

We're a few short weeks away from our move! It's going to be hectic, but exciting, too!

Well, I could practically fall asleep sitting here, so I'd better get back to work! I've been trying to comment here and there to my LiveJournal Friends -- sorry if I've missed you! I just don't seem to get much time here right now...

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