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New Cell Phone!

This is a red-letter day! (woo hoo)

Yes, I (finally) got my new cell phone today -- and it didn't even take an hour to do so!

Happily, it's another LG phone -- this time it's the EnV3. I got it in slate blue (Marilyn mistressmarilyn will eventually end up getting the same model, and wants the red -- which is okay, as I prefer the blue), and I think it's lovely!

Oh, and here's a review, for those interested!

Photo share:



I set "This is Home" by Switchfoot as my ringtone. (smile)

So that happened this afternoon. And it's charging now (it was only partly charged when I got it), so I've stopped 'playing' with it for now. (grin)

In other news...

This morning was SUPER busy. I hadn't been expecting Kris, by he was there, thankfully! I had a crazy issue with Rich's computer that he spent ages fixing. And some other things, too. We were both running from computer to computer checking IP addresses...

I also did orientation for newbie Megan (an intern), had Communications Meeting and then Staff meeting. So with these and the IT junk, it was a very FULL day (as usual).

I'm happy, happy, HAPPY about the new cell, which I very much needed. And it was barely stressful at all, which is a good thing.

It might just be getting on time for a nap...

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