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Website Calendar, eBulletin and More...

Thursdays are supposed to be Marilyn's mistressmarilyn work-from-home days. But like as not she ends up with meetings she has to attend at the office! So in she goes, hopefully to try and get home at some point in time.

We've been hoping forever to work together on the website on Thursdays, but it never seems to happen! There are either too few hours or something else that needs doing more. (sigh)

I had the eBulletin to put out today. And, yes, I did just put one out exactly a week ago today! What's your point? (smile)

Here are some images of the product.

Here's what this version of the eBulletin ended up looking like:
eBulletin - Feb 11, 2010

The header banner looked like this:
eBulletin header banner - Feb 11, 2010

The above banner is half size. (NOTE: You can click on it to see the full-size banner.) I'm actually really proud of how pretty it is! Part of the FUN of eBulletins and eNewsletters is getting to share my artistic side...

I also did a load of dishes here at home and picked up the kitchen. I did some IT-related things and answered emails and made phone calls. Then I did some website work, as well.

And this evening (after taking a break to watch "Jeopardy"), Marilyn and I finally did the Calendar of Events page at the website -- an involved and important edit!

I can't thank her ENOUGH for her help on a page that I'm always anxious to finish. It's one of the first places besides the Home page that visitors head to, so it needs to be done as soon as possible...

Yesterday I got a call from Beverly Hills, California -- and talked for about half an hour to Oliver (who formerly was my contact at the festival's service for our eNewsletters and eBulletins). Oliver has made good (!!!) and isn't hands on with the service now. He told me he'd had lunch at a table next to Robert De Niro -- and that one of his clients was flying him via private jet to Salt Lake City today. Anyway, Oliver and I became friends over the past couple years, so he helped me out with my issue -- and told me to feel free to call him any time. I told him I'd be saying I knew him when! (grin) That problem was part of the coding I had to work on today...

It rained much of today, but that's okay. I was too busy to notice, anyway.

I have to say that no matter how BUSY we are, it is fun when Marilyn and I can sit and work in the same room. We laugh and laugh and yell at each other and get food and eat it and... I don't know. We still work really hard, but it's just cool to be able to work in our home office this way. I like the dynamic more than I can say!

Oh! I made a new background today for my Twitter page. I usually have a roses bg, but talking to Marilyn about Twitter got me messing around with it. (grin)

Here's what the background looks like before loading it:
twitter background

Here's how it looks displayed at the Twitter website:
twitter background displayed

Cool, huh? (smile) Yeah, I love the stuff I come up with. I may as well be honest...

I put a pillow on the desk today for Colin to lie on. He's not big on chairs (like Henry), but prefers to be up higher. He's never actually had a place of his own in our office, and he immediately took to this one! Now I just turned around and he was up there -- a lovely surprise. So I dashed to get the camera and snapped these shots.

He started by lying, then sat up. But he's lying sound asleep now...

Photo share!

2010 Feb 11 -- Colin on desk 1
Sharp eyes will pick out a photo of me years ago
on the bulletin board behind Colin. I'm on my knees being
knighted. Yes, I had super short hair then! (grin)

2010 Feb 11 -- Colin on desk 2
Sharp eyes will pick out my new brown leather
notebook on the desk behind Colin. (I adore it!)

2010 Feb 11 -- Colin on desk 3
Lots of scissors, pens and whatnot -- and cats --
make for a useful office!

And, finally, I need a NAP! One more BIG DAY before the three-day weekend. Yeah, we figure we'll need to actually WORK on of those days, but oh well. We can decide exactly WHEN, anyway -- so that's very cool!

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