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Done With the Dentist? Well... NO.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn dropped me off about 15 minutes early for my 12:15 dentist appointment today (then headed to Starbucks where she can use Remote Desktop and work).

Mary had me come back and she showed me the new bridge. She wanted to send it back, as she wasn't totally satisfied with the way it turned out. Considering the trouble and expense, I'm willing to wait another two weeks to have it done perfectly right.

So there we are! It's still not done (sigh), but will hopefully be done soon.

Now it's just a matter of getting it back in our (very busy) schedules! I need to phone about it tomorrow, I guess...

Cool note?

We ran into Mandy (!!!) while at Starbucks! It was great to see her. We miss her at the office...

Tags: 2010, dental, dentist, february-2010, mandy, marilyn, starbucks

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