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Busy, Busy! Festival Work and Setting Up Our New DVD Recorder.

It was a HUGELY busy day (yes, again). I did festival work from home and set up our (very complicated) DVD Recorder in our family room (where we have the DVR). I tested it and it's working GREAT, which is the good news! It took me two hours to do it (lifting the heavy, old TV and so on), but I was super-happy when it was done!

I also picked up the living room in preparation for Amanda coming to give Marilyn mistressmarilyn a much-needed (and long overdue) massage. (This is her physical therapy for her bad shoulder, so it's about time!) Amanda shared photos of her twins (a boy and a girl), who are around four months old now -- and darling! (smile)

I got the three tutorials done today for tomorrow (training during Staff meeting). And did IT-related work, some social networking stuff (festival-related), tested some software applications we're considering and on and on.

I stuck the oil today. We have around 120 gallons, so it's time to order more! I didn't get to that today, but need to soon.

I let the cats out for a bit (Colin was moaning terribly trying to get up a hair ball that wouldn't come). I figured the fresh air and chewing some grass would be good for them. I got some air, too, and swept a bit along with filling the hummingbird feeder.

Sister Sue suzy_qp is taking me to work tomorrow morning. I have an 8:30 a.m. orientation meeting with Morgan (our new receptionist).

Then I have a 9:30 Communications meeting.

After that is Staff meeting at 10:00 a.m.

And Kris is supposed to be to work on IT at some point (not sure when).

I have a bunch of website stuff to code (that probably won't happen while in the office). And we need to focus on some of the last equipment matters. It's getting close to done now, happily!

Anyway, I'm BEAT. Physically tired and brain dead. It's time for a nap, if not just to go to bed...

Tomorrow will be a busy day. And I need to get going on another eBulletin due out this week, plus a related News item. No rest for the weary!

I am soooooooooooo looking forward to the upcoming three-day weekend!

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