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Getting ready to go to the auction. I already colored my hair around noon-ish, so thankfully that's done! (sigh) Yes, I really hate the process of coloring my hair... But, YES, it's essential! (smile)

I just took a bath and shaved my legs, as they'll be hanging out there in my cocktail-length dress. (Also why I did a mystic tan.) I had to have Marilyn mistressmarilyn check to see I got all the hairs, as it's distance that's hard for me to see with my mono-vision contacts.

So all I need to do is actually get dressed (which includes picking out jewelry), put on my makeup and do my hair.

This is MUCH EASIER than our own auction, of course, as we're merely attending and participating, but not WORKING the event! It still means a lot of mingling and so on (and I might take along my camera, too), of course. But that's true of any social situation like this.

It still falls somewhat in the area of work, because of our working relationship with the Rosarians. But it should be FUN, too! (smile)

I wonder if they'll have anything I want to bid on? I wonder if I'll actually be able to win a bid?

Well, off to finish getting ready!

Tags: 2010, auction, camera, february-2010, hair, marilyn, royal-rosarians, tanning

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