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Work. (Work, Work, Work.)

How can it be 11:30 already? Wow, time flies when you're working hard...

Today was another furiously busy day. Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I did actually take a half hour lunch, though. We went to the place across the street and had burgers (but talked work while there). We had to hurry back, as Marilyn had another meeting (one of many today).

I had IT stuff, including Kris being there. I don't envy his miserable day one jot. It took hours to get Jeff's phone to work. Ashley's MAC? Let's not even go there. (sigh) Poor bastard.

I had a great meeting that had YouTube elements and was really exciting. We'll see where that goes.

And I did work-related Tweets (most of my Tweets ARE work-related) at one point, which I happen to enjoy.

It sounds like things are going GREAT with the new building, from what Jeff shared with Marilyn and me. I'm excited to hear it!

As for the equipment I'm working on, I'm only down one computer tower right now. And Laura's tower for on-site at WFV will be amazing. As good as her festival office machine, I think! (Kris got us a donation from one of his other clients.)

Now I need some monitors (???), mice (optical, please) and a few speakers (if possible), and we'll be good to go. No extra equipment, granted, but whatever! I'll just be glad to have that monkey off my back. We're THIS CLOSE to being done getting equipment ready for the 2010 season! (woo hoo)

It was a lovely, non-rainy day today. And Sunday looks to be FABULOUS. (I'm hoping it won't be raining tomorrow night when we go to the auction...) We might string together a few nice days, depending on which weatherman you listen to. (smile)

I have some work I need to do over the weekend. I'll probably be skipping the Court judging tomorrow (Marilyn has to go), so I can color my hair then. I didn't get it done tonight, as I was just too damn tired when we finally got home. (I couldn't even read a full page in my book.)

I'm glad I got some work done in my bedroom this week, as I haven't had time to touch it since. It does make it nice for working out, anyway, even if there's tons more to do...

I'm LOVING my pink-tips manicure -- it's so pretty! I'm glad tomorrow night has that pink theme, so that I gave it a try. Here's a quick shot of how they look:

pretty pink nails

Not the best photo ever, but you get the idea, anyway!

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