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Tanned and Ready? Yes, We Are!

Getting READY to go out for a social event is WORK. Seriously.

We did our manicures and pedicures (I NEED to share photos -- so pink and pretty), and now we've gone to tan (again). I did my first mystic tan in forever (a whole new machine!), which meant I couldn't come home and color my hair (you can't shower right after doing a mystic tan). So I need to color my hair after work tomorrow night.

Neither Marilyn mistressmarilyn nor I are getting new clothes for the event (the Rosarian auction), but we had to wait to tan (a bunch of people in line before us) -- so we went shopping and got some pink jewelry to wear. (Couldn't find a pink handbag or SCARVES, so whatever.)

I'm sure we'll have enough pink, anyway... (smile)

Marilyn had her specialist appointment today and wrote about it HERE -- and she was HILARIOUS. I laughed and laughed while reading! (She is far, far more witty than I could ever be...) Interesting outcome, too, I thought! (I admired a doctor who would admit they don't know what causes her issue and that there's really NO treatment for it...)

We both worked from home today. The main thing I got done was sending out the eNewsletter that I stayed up late 'finishing' last night. All morning it was going back and forth to get the final 'tweaks' before sending. Happily it turned out nicely, and I was really pleased with the result. (Go, me.)

Website and IT took up much of the remaining work hours.

Tomorrow should be another busy day in the festival office.

And, yes, the rumors are true: I've finally started working out again. (Yes, it's about time.) So I'm sore and tired and a little cranky. (grin)

Marilyn is working on a blog entry for the website blog (go, her). She's really good at the image manipulation now, which is awesome! :: confetti ::

And that's my day, pretty much...

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