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Happy Holidays!

Well, I finally decided to share my '12 Days of Christmas' Project fanfic at Alexander-the-Great-Slash and Alexander-the-Great-Fanfic -- two of three Alexander the Great lists at Yahoo! Groups that I co-moderate with Mistress Marilyn mistressmarilyn.

My 'assignment' was 'Ten Lords A Leaping' -- and I love what I ended up with! I'd originally hoped I could get the 'Drummers Drumming' (whatever amount that is -- varies according to song version), but this worked out perfectly, as it turns out.

The fic is "The Dance of Ten Lords." It features Bagoas' POV -- and slashes him with Alexander (surprise). The fascinating thing that came out of this was my finding out so much more about Mithraism (and the sun god Mithra). I had some background with the mysterious religion from my lifelong interest in King Arthur and the Arthurian legends and myths, but this (clearly) supersedes that! Amazing stuff...

Yeah, I've been 'away' from LiveJournal for months, actually. And now Marilyn and I are both thinking we'd like to change to blogging at our website, so I don't know what that bodes for the New Year and my LJ...

We've just been so very busy! Especially with all the Yahoo! groups lists we co-moderate. The Alexander the Great fandom is booming (for now), so it takes some time. We've also got a Colin Farrell slash list that's doing well. We're up to around 20 (active) lists that we co-mod, so it takes time. We're picky about the way we do things there, so...

We came up with our own version of what would be community memories here at LJ. In the Y!G Links section, we set up folders and links to various messages that have been posted there -- specifically to the fanfic.

There used to be the internal search engine for Messages archives at each individual Y!G list that worked pretty well. We'd require the use of FIC: prior to any fanfics posted, which would make it easy to search on 'FIC' (for example). But now it barely works at all! (While the Groups Home search engine where you look for actual groups/lists has improved immensely over the 'old' days.) Yeah, we've clearly been active at Y!G too long! (grin) We were there for two prior 'owners' (and names). I guess it's around five years now...

I've got a ton of other things I'd like to share here, but limited time. I'll try and stick in another entry soon!

Meanwhile, Happy Holidays to all who celebrate! I hope you're finding time to enjoy yourselves.

Yes, Marilyn and I did rush out at midnight last night and buy both versions of "King Arthur." We only had time to watch part of the Director's Cut before heading to bed, though.

It's exciting to see an actual re-cut of the film, rather than just the extra 'scenes.' We're both delighted. (And mystified why certain things were cut, frankly.)

Anyway, I'd so wanted to do a holiday fic focusing on "King Arthur" -- perhaps this will inspire me! (Time allowing, of course.)

Again, best to all my friends! (Sorry I've been M.I.A.)

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