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Forever Stamp Means Forever -- Oh, Brother!

So, we needed to mail some bills, right? And I had some of the 'Forever' stamps (with the Liberty Bell on them). But I went to the website of the United States Postal Service and searched on 'forever stamp,' I couldn't find out anything. (sigh)

I had to go to Google and search 'forever stamp' to find THIS info.

That was AFTER I decided to just put two stamps on all the bills, of course.

Well, when it comes to sending payments on bills, it's always better safe than sorry! So who cares about wasting a few extra stamps, really?

It's just amusing, you know? In this case, FOREVER really does mean forever! Who'd have guessed? And we just don't expect that from the post office, now do we? (grin)

Tags: 2010, february-2010, post-office

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