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Nap Time? Yes!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I got home from work at 8:00 p.m. (yes, we were the last in the office -- again). Marilyn had EIGHT meetings today (!!!), which is practically a record, I think!

I don't think I need to say it was another HUGELY busy day for both of us.

Kris came in, but wasn't able to get the computer I wanted cloned finished. So I used a different one to set up for Karen (who starts on Monday), and will use the one that's yet-to-be-finished for the Marketing Intern. (Basically I swapped the two computers -- or I should say that Kris did.)

I didn't get a chance to set up Karen's computer until around 6:30, as I was so busy with other things. Then her damn MS Word wouldn't work (!!!), so I had to reinstall it. (I upgraded to 2003, as I didn't want to mess around with issues. And while I was at it, I did the same for her PowerPoint.) I've NEVER seen Word do this before. It would open, but everything was grayed out! Weird. (I did a search on it to see what I can find. It's happened to some people, but nobody seemed to have a decent answer as to WHY! Microsoft, gotta love it...)

Anyway, I opened her MS applications and set them up and got her signatures ready in Outlook. Then I changed some settings on the computer. So it should all be good to go! I hadn't done this for anyone since Pam started back in early November. It's not like I forget how, exactly -- but things you do more frequently are always easier. I work from notes, but I suppose I should do 'new employee' notes that skip unnecessary details. Obviously I have to add the user to the server (so they have a username and email), set up the user's phone and then set up the user's computer. It's probably more work then it sounds like -- but nothing horrible. When it works, that is!

When I end up with computer issues, then it's more difficult. And I'm still getting used to the new phone system (the back end administrative stuff, I mean), so it's more complicated currently. It should end up being a piece of cake in the long run. Even though the Comdial phone system was old, I was really used to the admin side. And I wasn't bothered by the DOS aspects at all (as I learned computers back in the DOS days).

I also updated my computer inventory spreadsheet in Excel and did a total list of parts we need for Kris to rebuild equipment for me. I still need six more computers for interns. It looks like I'll have enough, happily, when we buy more RAM and hard drives and install them.

It's going to be a load off my mind when I've got all the equipment squared away.

I helped Marilyn code the invoices from Kris tonight. Not the usual coding I do! (grin) The IT budget is toast this year, but it is what it is. We'll manage somehow. We're basically scraping by on secondhand computers (and computer parts), but it is what it is. I just want things to be decent enough for people to be able to get their work done. Sooner or later we're going to need some better equipment, but I don't know when we'll be able to afford it... (sigh)

Today was another IT day, obviously -- so I did little toward working on the website or the eNewsletter due out next week. Oh well. Until more is DONE, I'll just have to muddle along.

Tomorrow night is sister Sue's suzy_qp Poker Party to celebrate her birthday (which is Sunday). It's literally been YEARS since I sat and played poker. In fact, it's been years since I played Let It Ride (which I didn't have to deal). I hope I'm not too big an idiot during it. I'd have loved to have time to 'brush up' before the big game (smile), but we've just been too damn busy for that...

In other news, I spoke to cousin Linda today, which was nice. (She mentioned that she was glad her job started when she got to work and ended when she left -- and that she got more sleep than we do. I had to laugh at those comments! What a thought! A job that isn't pretty much 24/7...) She is liking her new job and getting used to the commute. She had today off and tomorrow, as well. She's hoping we can meet up sometime downtown, but it's not as convenient for her as it used to be, now that she doesn't live or work there.

We got an email from friend Shari today. In telling us about her recent schedule, she wrote: Saturday, I stayed home and watched tv. Sunday, walked up to catch a bus, went to the library and got some groceries at the Grocery Outlet. Most of her days are exactly like those. I have a hard time relating, to be honest. I suppose she has an equally hard time relating to my life. She's never had a full-time job -- and only had a part-time job for a few months (many, many years ago). Our lives must seem crazy to her.

On that note, a nap is in order! Boy, do I need it...

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