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Tired Today? Yes.

I was awake until 6:00 a.m. last night (obviously this morning, if we're being technical). I just couldn't go to sleep, no matter how hard I tried.

Sometimes if I stay awake past a certain point (around 4:00 a.m. has often been the time), then I can't manage to go to sleep.

Anyway, I actually had a drink in the middle of the night to try and help me sleep. (So you might imagine my blood sugar would be way off this morning, right? Wrong. It was the best it's been in days. Go figure!)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn headed off to work and left me asleep -- very kind of her. I didn't wake until she phoned the house at 10:00 a.m. (!!!), and I was stunned by how late it was. I had a lot to get done today, so I was mad at myself for sleeping in, but it was fine in the long run. It will all get done somehow, I'm sure.

Anyway, after getting up, I was in our home office working -- and Colin just wouldn't leave me alone! He's been crazy for attention from me recently, for whatever reason. So here's a picture of him lying in Marilyn's chair, right next to me. Normally he NEVER does this. (Henry is the one who frequently is in Marilyn's chair -- and on the spare chair we often refer to as Henry's chair.)

Colin Kitty

Doesn't he look happy? Sweet boy.

Marilyn has her doctor's appointment tomorrow morning. She's needed to go for ages, so I'm glad she finally scheduled this. I plan to go along, and I hope it isn't too miserable for her...

Henry dashed out the front door today and I had to chase him down. (sigh) So I let both boys go out in the back yard for awhile to get some air. Colin ran in and out, but Henry stayed out quite some time. Then when I was headed to drag him in, there he was waiting at the door for me! It was chilly, so I wasn't that surprised to seem him.

At least it was DRY today! It was supposed to be dry yesterday, but was POURING when we finally left work to come home.

Happily, Marilyn has started up our festival website blog again (woo hoo). She wrote an outline on how to blog for Staff, and I turned her email into another 'How To' tutorial. This idea is going to really be helpful, once people starting using it (of course).

I'm working on a cyber tutorial on computer suggestions for our interns and seasonal Staff, too. Handing them sheets of paper NEVER works -- and I want them to really pay attention to what is cool and what's not. We need to baby our existing equipment, as we're short on things and the budget is SHOT this year (and it's only January!).

Marilyn brought home a nice card from Phooty for the gifts I have her at City Hall on January 13. She's such a sweet woman! (Marilyn didn't even know about the gifts I'd told Phooty were from both of us, but she figured it was something I done like that...)

I got a GREAT email from Jeff yesterday in reference to the 'How To' pages! It read: Thanks for your efforts with this Charlie! I appreciate your assistance and leadership! Jeff is always so nice to me. I just love that man. Here's a photo I love of Jeff holding Kadie (who is now four) back when she was a baby.

Jeff and baby Kadie

Can't you just see the LOVE that man has for his little girl? She has the funniest expression on her face. (grin) And her sweet little dress and hat are ADORABLE.

Well, I've done the cat boxes and have a start on the garbage and recycling -- but I'm not all that far along yet. (sigh) And it's heading toward 10:00 p.m. Typical, huh? (smile)

I did TWO loads of dishes in the dishwasher today (!!!) -- and a ton of dishes by hand, as well. I also did a bit of picking up around here, as I'd like to start cleaning up more. Work may be kicking my ass, but I plan to kick back.

I wasn't planning to go back to the office again this week, but I'm going in with Marilyn in the afternoon tomorrow to do more IT stuff that has to be done on-site. I'd like to have Karen's computer set up for her prior to my meeting with her next Tuesday. She's the new seasonal events assistant, working for Kristen. Surprise -- there's more IT work to do. Really??? (heh)

On that note, I'm off!

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