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Approximately Two Hours and Ten Webpages Later...

Australian Open tennis is playing on the TV in our home office -- Nadal versus Murray. Wow, there's been some GREAT tennis during this tournament...

Marilyn mistressmarilyn is downstairs doing the treadmill (!!!) -- go, her! No matter how busy her day or how tired she is, she just keeps on keeping on! (wow)

I (finally) got the three news items I needed to code up at the website. I always say each item requires coding four pages. But in this case, one of the four pages could be coded for all three items ONE time, so that makes a total of ten pages (rather than 12).

I might still need to 'tweak' a bit, but that's a HUGE weight off! All told it ended up taking around two hours. Most of it was done during a 90-minute period, though.

I also sent some website-related suggestions to friend Ron (who had sent an email about his website). I just can't help myself -- if someone links me to their website, I'm going to make suggestions. It's my life, after all. (grin)

It's almost 3:00 a.m. and I'm yawning like MAD. I've got a big day tomorrow, so I need to call it a day and head to bed...

I got a LOT done today, anyway! It was a very productive day. (Go, ME!)

Now I need to start thinking about an eNewsletter (combining recent news items). I could probably throw one together on Wednesday to go out Thursday -- assuming I can stay home to work on it. (There's NO WAY it's happening if I'm in the office Wednesday. That's for certain.)

On that note, good night all! (hugs)

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