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I could be blogging about the Clown Corps Creative Team meeting we had this afternoon at North End Pub (right here in our neighborhood).

Or I could be blogging about the work I did today (IT and website) from our home office.

Or I could be blogging about the weather (nice and DRY).

Or I could be blogging about the Australian Open tennis!

(Or about being unfriended -- yes, again -- here at LiveJournal today. WHATEVER.)

By instead, I'll blog about playing Zuma tonight. I just got my highest score ever (291), the closest I've ever been to 300. I did end up losing one man, but I'm so happy with the score that I won't complain. (smile)

Go, me!

(Clearly I'm not much of a gamer, but I do enjoy it a ton!!!)

Our two cats are in the room with me. Henry is lying in the spare office chair (we call it his chair), while Colin just curled up in Marilyn's chair. Marilyn is already downstairs on the family room sofa having a nap. I'm headed for a nap, too -- and expect the boys to come along. (I think they're only here waiting for me to go lie down...)

I finished reading Christine Fletcher's "Tallulah Falls" -- and I liked it very much. She an amazing writer of novels for young readers, which are still a good read for adults, by the way. (I need to find a way to offer her feedback, as I really do love her writing.) Interestingly enough, I personally didn't care for the end of this book. Nor did I like the end of "Ten Cents a Dance" -- even though I really liked both books overall. I'd highly recommend BOTH novels to any age reader. She's done her research and doesn't miss a beat. And you can't help loving her strong female protags!

On that note, it's nap time! I've got a big day in the office (again) tomorrow...

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