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I'm hating this illness (condition, what-have-you) of mine.

First, let me say that one of the few lifelong abilities I've had is that of amazingly good balance.

No, that doesn't mean I'm not clumsy as hell, because I am -- always have been. (Marilyn mistressmarilyn has this theory that some of my being such a klutz comes from my being left-handed. But whatever.)

I could always scale up a steep trail with no problem, for example. Stand on one foot and do the same things most people did standing on two. (grin)

But I'm messed up now.

I hope the Methylprednisolone does its work. I'm officially on day two of the treatment, which starts with a high dosage (six tablets the first day) and then goes down a dose each day.

I'm having side effects, but nothing too drastic. The pharmacist had warned me that I might have sleeplessness, which was true last night. But seeing as I've been sleeping huge amounts for the past week (!!!), that's no big deal. The other side effects (which include a stomach ache) pretty much fall in the TMI-category. Again, I'll survive.

But I got dizzy in the car today and 'dumped' my Starbucks iced latte on the floor, spilling some. Awful. The milk is very hard to get out of car carpeting and will curdle terribly. (We had this happen with a Rose Festival car one year. Ugh, the smell.) So I feel pretty bad. And just stupid. This kind of thing isn't me, generally.

(Yes, scrubbed it out when I got home. Also went out to get the leaves off the sidewalk, which about did me in as far as physical exercise is concerned.)

Latest hang up?

"Master and Commander" fits that bill! Saw it on cable TV and then ran right out and bought both the DVD and video (for rooms in the house with no DVD players). Then yesterday Marilyn made a special trip to Tower to get the 'special edition' version. It's got a lot of yummy extras.

I love Paul Bettany. Adore him. He's an excellent actor. And Russell Crowe? One of the finest actors of our time, bar none.

We're 'into' far too many fandoms right now, but what can you do? (grin) This has happened to us in some time.

List? In no particular order...

  • "Master and Commander"
  • Colin Farrell *
  • Alexander the Great ("Alexander" soon)
  • "King Arthur"
  • LOTR
  • Russell Crowe *
  • "Troy"
  • "Harry Potter" **
[*: the list of random actors we're mad for could be considerably longer, needless to say. Consider the major actors of any of the above and that should about cover it, however! (heh)]
[**: not currently as big an interest as the other items listed, but still an interest, nonetheless.]

Okay, I think that's fairly complete. Pretty much. Right. (smile)

Marilyn is at the private party for outgoing Portland city mayor, Mayor Vera Katz. She received an invite, seeing as she's known and interacted with Mayor Katz and her wonderful staff for years now.

But as she mentioned earlier, it was quite an honor to her to be invited. Several people in the city of high standing positions didn't get invited. (There was apparently an awkward moment this week where it came up that the current President of the Rose Festival hadn't received an invitation.)

Marilyn took the (relatively new) Executive Director of the Association as her 'date' tonight (note that he's married and it's not a date in any real sense). Jeff also didn't receive an invite, and she felt it was a good opportunity to introduce him to some movers and shakers. (Very nice of her, I thought. Otherwise she and I would have gone together, I imagine...) The plus of taking Jeff was that he decided the association should pay the $75 each price of tickets, which Marilyn would have simply done out-of-pocket otherwise.

I'm personally not sorry to be missing it, seeing as I don't feel that well. But I do hope she has a good time! She wore the gorgeous shirt (sort of light-weight jacket-like) thing I convinced her to get at Culpepper's. It's so lovely on her! Yes, it cost around $150, but I think it was worth the expense, frankly. It was a huge hit when she wore it at OryCon, by the way...

Anybody here 'into' (or ready to be into) "Alexander"? (As in the 2004 movie with Colin Farrell and Angelina Jolie.)

I've made several wallpapers to share at our Alexander lists over at Yahoo! groups...

I'm rambling. Should go now, I think!
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