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Dentist for New Bridge

I was supposed to go to the dentist today at 12:15 p.m. to get my temporary bridge (and prep for the permanent bridge). I had hoped to have time after the phone meeting to go with Kris and Rick over to the new building to do a walk-through -- but that was not to be today.

I got a call just past 11:00 a.m. from Shannon (Mary's receptionist) that they'd had a cancellation and could take me early, so Marilyn and I dashed out and went directly there. (The plan had been to stop by the house so I could brush my teeth before the appointment, so I felt a little gross -- but Mary and Holly told me I was fine...)

I've only ever had one other bridge, and that was years ago. I'd forgotten how it goes. I don't know WHAT I was thinking (???), but YES, I had to be numbed. In fact, I was numbed like crazy! The pressure is pretty intense on the teeth and mouth. Mary was drilling a lot and had to break chunks off the teeth on either side of the extraction so they could be made to hold the bridge. It was less-than-pleasant, but Mary made it as nice as she could. She's an amazing dentist.

Marilyn dropped me off and headed to Starbucks so she could remote and work. But I guess she spent most of the time emailing back and forth with Sue B., and talking on her cell phone with sister Sue.

I walked over to join her after my procedure was done and the temporary bridge was in place. Today was DRY (unlike the last time I did this), so it was a nice walk. My next appointment is set for Wednesday, February 10 (at 12:15). I look forward to that. Meanwhile, I need to 'baby' the temporary bridge, as it will break easily. And I'm known for breaking temporary teeth, I'm afraid... (sigh)

I don't know if I've mentioned it, but Marilyn, Sue B. and I are going to San Antonio in April for Fiesta San Antonio. Marilyn and I bought the trip at the Auction last October, which came with four tickets for all the events -- so the idea was to share these tickets with Sue and her husband Dennis. But things changed, and Sue and Dennis are going as the official reps of our festival -- which means they're comped for everything! Actually, at this point we don't know if Dennis will be able to attend, but if not we three gals will have a good time together!

The tickets for airfare that came with our package turned out to be no good (the airlines doesn't fly to San Antonio!!!), so today Sue got reservations for all of us with Southwest. Doesn't she rock? She emailed me to get additional info (our bdays), which I happily sent along.

Marilyn and I have never been to Fiesta San Antonio (or San Antonio at all, for that matter), so we're really excited! Our friend John (who comes to the festival every year) will be excited when I finally get around to telling him about it. (grin)

Jeff arranged for us to get our hotel comped by Fiesta San Antonio -- which means Marilyn and I will be doing some official representative things, too. But we're okay with that. It's worth it not to have to pay for our hotel room. Anyway, we'll be there for five days of their 11-day run. I'm so excited!

In other news, Marilyn headed off for two meetings this afternoon -- and I did the garbage and recycling. When I finish this entry, I'm going to lie down for a bit...

We did stop and get deli take-out after the dentist, which we ate for lunch and will also have for dinner. Nice!!! No cooking for me tonight. Marilyn takes such GOOD care of me -- she really does.

The new power source in Marilyn's computer stinks to high heaven. I forgot to ask Kris today if that was normal or not. (I mentioned this in yesterday's entry.) We're both guessing it's some oil or something that has to burn off in use. I know we've done new power sources for computers at the office, but never here at home. So to tell the truth, I have no clue. (smile) Hopefully the smell will clear soon, because it's a pain for both of us.

I dressed nice for my meeting today, but I was sure glad I had a tee on other my jacket! The dental was a bit messy, and my ultra suede jacket might have ended up worse for wear... (heh) You know, for the most part, IT work requires practical clothing. You pack around computer towers and other equipment and crawl all over the floor and so on. It's messy. And you never know WHEN you'll need to get 'down and dirty.' So... As I've said before, my job is so glamorous!

Hey, it is, actually. I know so many people who would die to be working for the festival! I realize every day how lucky I am.

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