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Saw The DOCTOR Yesterday...

On a less-happy-note, I (finally) went to the doctor yesterday. No, I'm not looking for sympathy. (Pats on the back or hand-holding are not required here!) Just a report!

I've been having crackling in my right ear for several weeks now. No big deal. I've had it before and it always went away with no problem.

This week I've barely been online. I haven't felt like it, actually. I've been dizzy and so tired, and I've been running a low-grade temperature. I've been in bed and sleeping.

(Yeah, I got a lot done, even so! But that's a boring list that need not be included here...)

So I finally bit the bullet and went to the doctor.

I have fluid on both ears, though not a great deal. No infection in the actual ear canal, though clearly I'm suffering an inner-ear infection. (Headaches and dizziness and nausea and so on.)

The doctor gave me meds for the infection/swelling. But he also gave me meds for vertigo.

There's some interesting info on the condition here.

I'm hopeful this is temporary and will clear up. But I'm prepared to accept the possibility that I'll have it permanently. I'll have to wait and see.

I need a nap and am trying to force myself to stay sitting up. (sigh) The worst thing is being tired all the time and yawning! (ugh)

Well, the good news is that next week is vacation!

Plus "Alexander" opens! Can't wait.

And we saw darling and charming Colin Farrell (yes, he-who-curses-too-much) on Jay Leno last night. He was as appealing as ever...

(Yes, it's true. Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I started a Colin slash list recently. So sue us!)

Well, I think lunch might be mildly appealing.

Hugs to all of you...

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