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Busy Day: Tennis and Golden Globes!

The Australian Open started today! (woo hoo) So, yes, Marilyn and I are both watching...

But we have to keep flipping back and forth so we can see the Golden Globes Awards, too.

We went and got deli food and had a feast! (smile)

And last night sister Sue suzy_qp and her friend Wayne came over and played Bunco, which has been popular in our family for DECADES. (Back when Mom was having Bunco games, I created a score sheet and ran copies that we're still using today. Hard to believe!) Wayne had never played before, but it's a simple game to pick up. Anyway, we played two full sheets, and had company until well past midnight.

We did run to Fred Meyer briefly before closing at 11:00 p.m. to get more Lexar jumps and a Kodak memory card, so we wouldn't miss the tremendous sale on both! (Sue and Wayne played Bunco while we were gone...)

And we served TONS of veggies (with dip for those interested) and donuts as snacks. Marilyn won't eat the carbs and Wayne is only eating veggies on his current diet, so you can guess who did have donuts. (smile) And POT upon POT of coffee was brewed and drank, as well!

Marilyn and I were up much of the night, so we slept REALLY LATE this morning. Nice!

In totally random thoughts, we got The Pyramid Collection catalog recently -- and I want almost every item in that yummy book! Amazing clothes, jewelry and more!

Lastly, I've been spending a few days on and off FINALLY getting my Twitter account running. I'm a great one for getting an account somewhere, then not really using it for ages. (smile) But now it's going to come in VERY HANDY at work, so I'm pushing it hard. I'm now following more than 370 accounts and am followed by more than 120 (and am on 15 lists). I'm still setting up my own lists (I only have six at this point), having been playing with my background and other settings -- and just generally get familiar with and comfortable with tweeting. (grin) Yeah, yeah, it's NOT hard. I just had to spend the time doing it and getting my head around the whole thing. I see it MAINLY as a work-related tool, but I very well could end enjoying it personally, too.

Of course, nothing in the way of social media will ever be as important to me as LiveJournal! I love blogging, love my friends and the many communities and can't imagine my life without LJ. Facebook and Twitter are nice, but they're not LiveJournal! (smile)

So, back to the tennis and Golden Globes! Whew, did Colin Farrell look GREAT! It's a lovely day, even if it's nasty and raining outside...

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