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Bunco Tonight.

Sister Sue suzy_qp wanted us to have Bunco at our house today we so we could meet her friend Wayne (from cribbage) -- so we've raced around and picked up a bit and are waiting for him to arrive (we set it for 8:30 p.m.). Sue was attending her friend Linda's retirement party prior to that...

The office where Linda works is being closed down. It's an office where I worked for many years of my life, doing a variety of things that included acting as a computer consultant. I'll miss that office. (smile) Of course, I haven't been inside the office for years, actually...

Wayne's here, so I have to go!

(I'm so tired I feel physically sick, so I need to try and get myself up for this...)

Tags: 2010, bunco, january-2010, sister-sue, wayne

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