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Long Day. Actually, Long Week!

I just woke from a snooze on the sofa in the living room. I'm just DEAD BEAT. It's been a very long day -- and a very long week!

But it's been a GREAT WEEK, too -- don't get me wrong!

I'm just tired...

And I can hardly keep my eyes open to post this entry. (sigh)

Lunch today with Clarence was lovely. (I first mentioned him HERE.) We went to Veritable Quandary (often called VQ), which was actually here YEARS AGO -- back when the festival was located in this part of downtown in the days when Marilyn first joined the festival Staff (!!!). Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I hadn't seen him since 1997 when he was actually on the festival Staff. How exciting that we re-connected via Facebook and were able to get together while he was in Portland! All those years ago -- and it was as if we'd last seen him yesterday... (smile)

My poor home desktop computer was 'sick' and had to go in to work for Kris to look at it today. Then I decided to skip having Kris as time passed and we both had other chores to do -- almost forgetting how I really needed him to work on MY computer (!!!). In came in anyway and fixed the missing sound (he was unsure of why it went away, but who cares -- as long as it's working now!). And I always LOVE to see him! We discussed some IT stuff for next week (he's coming in on Tuesday for our big phone meeting) -- laughing and chatting as we always do.

Our festival Twitter site is coming along. And I'm starting to actually use my own Twitter site, too -- mostly for festival-related Tweets and Re-Tweets. It's all good!

In fact, I'm working on a bunch of Social Media stuff right now. It's really interesting! But it does blur the mind after a time. (sigh)

We picked up deli food from Safeway on the way home, which was yummy. Yes, it's always about the food. And obviously my computer is hooked up and working again! (woo hoo) Wow, how I'd like a soak in a hot tub and more napping... The weather was miserable today -- pouring down rain every minute! But as we were driving home in the rain I realized I love the nasty weather, too. I just feel so blessed to live in Portland. I really do.

I finished the book "The Shack" last night (when I should have been napping) -- and I cried from joy three times. It's a wonderful book! I want to do an entry just about "The Shack" at some point -- with some links and additional thoughts...

There's an amazing sale at Fred Meyer on Lexar Firefly JumpDrives! The 4gb ones are only $10, which is unheard of cheap (I've never seen any Lexar jump for under $12!) The Kodak photo memory cards (also 4gb) are $10, too. Again, these have never been so cheap! I sent word around to the entire Staff, as Lexar is the only jump I personally recommend -- and the sale only runs through tomorrow (Saturday).

Marilyn and Jeff went to another meeting at City Hall today, where the Mayor came by to see them. I guess much of the time was spent with people waxing poetic about the Wednesday event. (grin) Yes, we know how to put on amazing events! It's what we do...

Clearly my life is as laid back and uneventful as ever. (heh) Can you believe this is only the second week in January! Wow, were we slammed.

Oh. And I have some website coding I really need to try and get done TONIGHT! So I'd better forget sleepy and brain dead and get to it soon...

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