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LiveJournal's Change in the Timing of Posted Entries (sigh)

I don't know WHEN, exactly, LiveJournal changed the way entries work, time-wise, but it's been a HUGE pain for me.

It used to be that they were timed based on when you opened/began an entry. Now it's based on when you actually post/save/end an entry.

Personally, I have the tendency to begin an entry -- and then get INTERRUPTED by RL (real life) concerns. For example, I started the entry before this really early today. I think at around 8:00 a.m. or earlier. I'll never know WHEN now, because I got pulled away by work (and eating a meal). And that bugs the heck out of me!

After years of it working the other way, it's very difficult for me to try and adapt...

I'm sure I'll manage at some point.

You know, I've often felt that there's a disadvantage in the LJ world for people who have busy lives. I want to blog and I want to blog often. I like to blog daily. But blogging has to be put on hold when I have other things that must be done. Period. I'd imagine that's true for EVERYONE -- at least to some degree. Everybody has other things they have to do, obviously. This would be probably be less if you're younger (say, a teenager) -- and we all know the majority of LiveJournal users are teens. (I'm also a sad moderator much of the time now. I want to be better, but work will always have to come before LJ.)

And my job rarely allows for me to blog from the office -- and barely from my home office. I'm glad that others have the freedom to blog from work, but that's rarely ever going to happen for me...

Anyway, I didn't mean for this to be a rant. I'm just somewhat annoyed by the time thing. (sigh) It is what it is, but I don't have to like it. (smile)

Oh!!! By the way -- I started this RIGHT AFTER I finally posted the last entry. It's now past noon, so guess how it's going to be reflect the time...

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