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A Huge Success!

Today's event at City Hall (in Portland, Oregon) was a HUGE success!

I primarily credit Marilyn mistressmarilyn for this, by the way. (I was DELIGHTED when the Mayor thanked her personally by name -- one of the best moments for me among so MANY great moments.)

The weather cooperated, believe it or not! It didn't rain on us at all during the times we were outside with the float taking slews of photos, even though it POURED later in the day! Go, US!

Phooty showed up and did a PERFECT job (the City Council -- and visitors -- all adored her). And Aisha was DARLING -- they ate her up with a spoon.

I was excited that Kris (my new IT Consultant -- and an awesome man) was there with the Royal Rosarians! He was right next to me tons of the time.

It was so wonderful -- beyond words -- to have our PowerPoint presentation played for City Hall. Unfortunately, the embedded video at the end didn't play (!!!), but it seriously didn't matter. (Naturally it bugged Marilyn and me, but no one else seemed to mind.)

By the way, sister Sue suzy_qp turned up (really EARLY) for the event -- and was a huge HELP and support! We were both so glad she was there!

I was doing my 'directing people' thing much of the time, moving everyone around at will. I'm so used to that from helping direct the parade that it's second nature -- and I have a LOUD voice, which is perfect for getting people to listen! (I've rarely regretted that loudness, by the way -- even though others have tried to make me. I feel God gave me that for a purpose, and I use it all the time with thankfulness for the gift.)

I took photos, greeted people, took Governor Atiyeh to his seat in the Council Room (!!!) and basically helped Marilyn in every possible way. She got a lot of kudos, which she deserved. When we got back to the office (with Rich), everyone clapped for her, with Jeff leading them! How great is that? She got comments in person and via phone and email -- it was very nice.

And I got some praise of my own for the PowerPoint and my role.

We did work at the office after that, but it was rough. It was a typical event day, and when it was over we both started to crash hard. We actually went out to lunch (!!!), which was very cool, too. (To the Mandarin Cove Chinese Restaurant again... woo hoo!)

I did some phone system work today (my brain is fried) and helped with some other IT-related stuff. After Marilyn's afternoon meeting, we packed it in and came home (!!!).

After some work and EATING (yes, again), we both had much-needed naps.

Anyway, I'm now cleaning the living room in between typing this entry. We've got a meeting here in our house in the morning, so...

I also need to do the garbage and recycling, so I've got a busy time in front of me! I'd better get back to it!

I should mention about the FEATHER I found first thing this morning (which is a sign from the Archangel Michael, according to the book I'm reading). Marilyn and I both believed it was a sign we'd end up with good weather during our event. Need I mention again that we did? Food for thought... (The fluffy white feather is right here on my desk, next to my computer...)

I'm so thankful for the MANY BLESSINGS in my life!!!

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