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Hood River Starbucks With My Sisters!

I'm sitting at one of two tables we've pushed together in the Hood River Starbucks that we all love to come to (it used to be a Taco Time years ago -- and we loved it then, too).

Anyway, we've officially given Sue her (used) laptop (her Christmas present) finally -- but I'll probably do the initial break-in of her battery (new) for her, so she won't be taking it home quite yet. I took photos, so I'll try and share them later... (Did I ever share the photos from the three of us at Humps? I can't recall...)

I had to help her set up a Starbucks account (she couldn't get on WiFi because she didn't have one, so...), then her AT&T WiFi account (via Starbucks) and get her logged in. It was more work than it probably sounds like. (smile)

It's pretty cool for the three of us to be able to sit on our laptop computers side-by-side like this, I can't say how cool! This is Sue's first-ever laptop, which makes it even more cool! (woo hoo)

We're going to head back to Portland soon and go to Mexican food at one of our fave restaurants. It can't be soon enough, as it's FREEZING in this Starbucks (WTF???) and we're all STARVED (what's new, huh?)

Anyway, I need to log out and hit the bathroom. This is fun, fun!

Tags: 2010, food, hood-river, january-2010, marilyn, sister-sue, starbucks

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