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Busy Work Day!

It's around 5:30 p.m., and Marilyn mistressmarilyn, Carol and I are still in the office working away. Peter and Kristen hung in for quite a while, too, but have now gone.

Marilyn and I are both STARVING, as we've basically had nothing to eat all day (!!!). There was no time in the morning, and CERTAINLY no time for any lunch. So... (I'm noshing on some Wheat Thins right now, and glad to get them.)

Kris was in today and we got a bunch of IT stuff done -- with TONS more that needs doing. Carol has her new computer and is using it as I type this.

I have the battery for sister Sue's suzy_qp (used) laptop. So hopefully we can give it to her this weekend. (It's her belated Christmas present from the two of us.) Our goal was to maybe give her another 'LiveJournal Lesson' (smile), but it sounds like she might be tied up this weekend. I guess we'll see how that goes. And Marilyn has a pile of WORK to do (as do I), so maybe it can wait, anyway.

I'm on page 97 of "The Shack," which has been slow going for me. (sigh) It's been pretty depressing so far, so we'll see how I do on it. I'm reading "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" (written in 1891 & 1892) and enjoying it immensely! (I'm currently part way through "The Boscombe Valley Mystery.") You guys know me -- I'm ALWAYS in the middle of numerous books...

Next Wednesday is THE BIG DAY for the festival -- being declared Portland's Official Festival. It's up at Commissioner Leonard's blog today, which is very exciting.

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