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IT Joy? Well...

I just got an email from Carol that her computer has crashed.

She didn't do anything (according to her), but she has something going on. She mentioned a popup that asked: Outlook.exe is infected, do you want to run your anti-virus software?

Then she said that when she clicked this (!!!), it tried to sell her a $49.99 service. Um... really?

For the record, any time something pops up and asks to be clicked to eliminate viruses (spam, etc., etc.), the only proper actions are to close the popup (and not click 'yes' OR 'no'), then to close the browser and turn off the computer.

In the festival office, our antivirus never prompts -- so any time we see a popup or prompt of any kind... Yeah, you get it!

This changes our whole plan for tomorrow morning, I'm afraid. Kris is coming in first thing and was supposed to be cloning Carol's computer to the new one. I've alerted him and we'll proceed with other work until we reason out what to do for her.

With IT Management it's always something!

Heck, with any work, it's always something. Duh, Charlie!

Tags: carol, it-manager, it-related, january-2010, kris

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