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Bad Day? No! Good Day!

I was having a B.A.D. bad day -- but Kris helped turn that around for me! So now it's a GOOD day, big time! (smile) Yeah, some days IT kills me. But today has turned out NOT to be one of them.

For the record, you CAN use a local printer to print when using Remote Desktop -- but NOT if the printer is USB. That was driving me CRAZY, until Kris told me it was a well-known issue. In other words, I'm not an idiot who can't figure out how to add our new printer (the Kodak) so Marilyn mistressmarilyn can print the way she used to with the old HP.

I still don't know WHY I was having an issue changing a user password, but as we got it done, who cares? And we have a much easier way for Marilyn to be able to send out emails as our festival president, rather than needing to log out as herself and back in as him! So that's a good deal, too! (woo hoo)

On that note, a quick (small) nog (with whiskey) is in order, before I have a much-needed nap. It's been a busy, busy day -- and tomorrow I'm in the office.

Tags: 2010, festival, it-manager, it-related, january-2010, kris, marilyn, printer, work

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