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Tree Down? And Much More? YES!

Yes, yes, YES -- I really accomplished a TON today. So never let it be said that feeling crummy (ugh) has to keep a person from getting things done. (grin) In fact, I got more done today that I frequently do on a day when I feel just fine! Go figure... Anyway, here's my list for today!

  • I took all the ornaments off our Christmas tree.
  • I took down and boxed up the tree.
  • I carried the (very heavy) tree downstairs and stored it in the utility room.
  • I took down and boxed up the outdoor tree (and carried it into the garage).
  • I put all the decorations into a bin so I can take them downstairs to box up.
  • I put furniture back where it belonged.
  • I did the garbage and recycling.
  • I stuck the oil. (We currently have 160 gallons.)
  • I made my dental appointment (to prep my partial) for January 20 (I spoke directly to Mary).
None of the above counts the stuff I did for work (festival work), by the way.

I also took photos, prepared them and uploaded them to share -- and actually SHARED them (heh). And I've blogged (duh).

I feel a little better than I did this morning, anyway. I guess that's obvious, as I could barely stand to sit up part of the morning -- so I certainly couldn't have done all this if I hadn't improved a bit. I'm still far from 100%, but oh well. I love the challenge of pushing myself even when I'm under the weather. It's not like I'm contagious or anything, by the way. I've certainly rested A LOT, so whatever.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn went in for her afternoon meeting and hasn't come home yet. I don't know exactly when to expect her.

I ended up sticking the oil because I'd done it exactly one year ago today. Funny, huh? (Last year we had 130 gallons...)

Okay, here's a bitch-about-LiveJournal thing! When you look at back entries, you can't see what day of the week they were written on. Why the hell is that??? My expectation is that you would be able to see that, just as you can in current entries. Seriously, if I'd known that, I'd have been adding the day of the week to every single entry (as annoying as it would be do have to do it). Come ON LiveJournal!
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