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I don't feel well. I've got a bellyache and I'm sick to my stomach and just ugh. I'm forcing myself to eat some Premium Oyster Crackers, considering I took my meds and must eat, like it or not. (sigh)

I've been working at home (when I can stand to sit up to the computer) today. Marilyn mistressmarilyn is working from home this morning (and has been super busy), and goes in to the office this afternoon. I'll be staying home, however.

We're preparing for a huge event on January 13 (one week from today), so there's a lot to get done.

All I feel like doing is lying around. Period. Not watching TV, not reading, not anything. (sigh)

I hope I feel better right away. This is ridiculous! I have things I need to do!!!!!!!!!

Tags: 2010, festival, january-2010, marilyn, sick, work

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