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Punched Out? Yeah.

I feel like I've been punched in the face.



Actually, I think the bleeding is stopped (finally). And there isn't that much swelling. The pain is decidedly THERE, but I'll live. (I'm pretty good about pain, all in all. Thank God!)

I was able to eat some of my much-loved Tim's Sea Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips (I'm a HUGE fan of Tim's Potato Chips), with some Reser's Creamy Dill Dip (I'm annoyed that you can't actually locate the dip at their website, but whatever). (Yes, I'm also a HUGE Reser's Fine Foods fan...)

I had something this morning before the dentist, but didn't much feel like eating afterwards, so this was big. I had some chips and dip and then a nap -- and I didn't even get a touch of indigestion, happily. (The salt and vinegar -- plus the dill -- probably helped a lot to keep my stomach settled.)

I don't know about work at the festival office tomorrow. Right now I'd say 'no,' even though I seriously need to be there for the one meeting, at least. We'll probably ditch discussing the website at Staff meeting (postpone until I'm better), for sure. I'd like to say I'll be fine, but I don't really think so... Anyway, that meeting with Kris needs to happen, and I should be there for it (it's my meeting!!!).

So now I'm thinking I'll delay more Vicodin and have a spiked nog instead. (smile) I probably won't be in less or more pain, but I'll care less if I'm drinking eggnog with whiskey! (And you guys know me, I'm a cheap date. It doesn't take much booze to do me in.)

Here's a question that has nothing to do with me (and how I'm feeling): When was the last time you saw one of those tags that reads, Under penalty of law this tag not to be removed except by the consumer"??? I remember seeing these all the time when I was a kid and teen, but hardly ever as an adult! I just bought something recently that had one, and I was so amused that after cutting it off I kept the thing.

Seriously, didn't they used to read differently -- and not mention removal by the consumer? I have a strong memory from childhood of being convinced I'd broken the law by accidently pulling one of them off something, like a mattress...

Now, how random was that?

My throbbing mouth is begging for something, so it's time to investigate that nog, I think...

Tags: 2010, dental, dentist, festival, food, humor, january-2010, kris, medicine, pain, webmaster, website, work

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