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Dental Extraction? It's Done.

I had my extraction (of the tooth that Dentist Mary simply couldn't get to cooperate for the full root canal) at 1:00 p.m., practically on the nose. It didn't take more than 15 minutes total to get numbed, have her make an impression for the partial and pull the tooth. Seriously!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn came home from the office and took me to the appointment, dropping me off. Her plan was to go to Starbucks where she could Remote Desktop and work while I had the dental done. (Mary doesn't have WiFi, which is really no surprise!)

I actually walked from the dentist over to Starbucks, and even though it was pouring down rain (!!!), my new coat kept me dry and happy! I really love that coat.

What's got me CRAZY now is that I have to bite down on gauze for the bleeding -- and it's gagging me like mad. Mary sent home a bunch of gauze, but we bought a box while leaving off my prescription for pain meds, just to be safe. (I'm a bleeder.) I'm already having some pain (throbbing, mostly) -- but no big deal. Pain is such a normal part of my life that I'm not really bothered by it as a rule. I was nervous about the procedure, but it wasn't about pain, as I told Mary (not for the first time).

Anyway, we went to the store, dropped off the prescription and came back home. I'm now supposed to take it easy for the rest of today -- and probably for TOMORROW (!!!), too. Well, today, sure. But tomorrow I've got meetings at the office and other work to do, so I doubt that's going to happen... (sigh)

Throb. Throb. Throb. Oh brother. Can the bleeding stop now? I don't care about the pain, but the bleeding? Ugh.

I did hope to work on at least one of the laptops that I was doing this morning (working from home), so I might try that a little later on. I've got work that needs doing after two weeks of vaca, so I don't know if I can stand to just lie around the rest of the day! It's annoying. I didn't realize I'd be told to take it easy, as opposed to deciding I might want to take it easy. (sigh)

Marilyn is calling for me to lie down now, so I'd better go.

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