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New Year? New Clothes! (woo hoo)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I started off our New Year by shopping for some new clothes yesterday. Very cool!

We both got bras (so hard to find for most women) and underwear (boy, did I need it). And we each got the new coats we'd been promising we'd buy after Christmas. I've been wearing the coat I got back in the 1990's, just to show you how necessary this was!

And we got pants and tops, too. I got several pairs of jeans that I just adore (in a size down from what I've been wearing, I might add). It was aerobic shopping, no doubt, and nearly exhausting -- especially by the time we'd cut off all the damn tags and pulled off all the sticky tags (!!!). By the way, have I ever mentioned that I HATE all those plastic things they use to fasten on price tags? Why, oh why, do they need SO MANY OF THEM on every item??? (yikes)

Anyway, it was great fun (exhaustion aside) -- and I wore a new pair of jeans to the show last night, and have on another new pair right now! (smile)

While Marilyn did the treadmill (after we got back from the movie), I FINALLY set up the new printer we bought weeks ago. It was just sitting in the box in my bedroom, because we had so much going on I couldn't face the work involved. It seems like just another IT problem for me, to be honest. (heh)

It's one of the Kodak printers, and was under $100. The real benefit, however, is the idea that replacement ink cartridges don't cost all that much, which is cool by me! My main worry was that I wouldn't have the proper cable to hook it up (!!!), as we didn't buy one when we bought the printer. Never fear, the IT side of me not only had a 2.0 USB cable, but I also had an extension cable that I seriously needed, as well.

Now I need to decide if the built-in scanner will be good enough for my needs. If so, I'll take my large HP scanjet to work, and free up the space it takes on my desk (which would be really nice). Our old HP printer (bought back in the 1990's) didn't have a scanner, so...

I felt so accomplished to finally get the printer working, I must say! It's not easy crawling around to feed the cables where they need to go and everything. But it's done, thankfully. I feel so accomplished that it's silly! (heh) Go, me!

I just printed a page to show Marilyn how well the printer works. Yes, it's a bit noisy (so what?) and it does shake (as sister Sue suzy_qp had pointed out -- again, so what?). However it's FAR faster than our old HP was (and I'm generally an HP fan) and did a lovely job with the final product. We've been having problems with the old printer for ages and ages, so this is a real delight and comfort. Anyway, it's thumbs up for the Kodak!

(I guess I'm used to printer noise from the office, where they certainly are far from quiet. I sit right by one in the interim space -- and it's used a lot, mind you -- so I'm pretty much 'whatever' about it. Printers make noise when printing, but as we don't print that much at home, it's no big deal...)

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