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Happy New Year!

We've got less than an hour to go here in Portland, Oregon! Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I are sitting playing games (like Zuma), watching Carson Daly on TV (well, the local news right now) and having eggnog (with whiskey -- yum!). Marilyn just did the treadmill (go, her!), and I've been going through photos to share...

Happy New Year!

I took the time to add some SNOW PHOTS to THIS ENTRY, for anyone who is interested in viewing.

I have my 'White Christmas' bell, and Marilyn has her 'Baby' bell -- so we're ready to ring in 2010! We've also got all our traditional noisemakers and hats, etc. Even when there's only two of us, we have a great party, believe me! (smile)

Yeah, we've got a lot of food and booze, too. (grin) So things are really good!

I hope all my friends are having a good time, too!
Tags: food, marilyn, new-year, party, portland-oregon, snow, wether, zuma

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