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Snow in Portland? Yep.

I can't BELIEVE I didn't mention the SNOW (!!!) yesterday. What was I thinking?

We were out and about at one point, as we went to get our manicures (fills). Then later on in the day, Marilyn mistressmarilyn suddenly says, "It's snowing."

And did it ever snow! Very soon we were bundled up and taking a walk over to the park in really heavy (!!!) snowfall. I have photos -- and I totally need to share.

We expected it to be GONE overnight, but it's still out there. Marilyn has an appointment at 1:00 p.m., so hopefully we'll be able to drive in it...

I don't know where the snow suddenly came from, but we've been assured it's not here to stay. (The weathermen are anxious to make it clear we won't be repeating last year to any degree.)

Edited to add some snow photos:

We decided to take a walk in the park...
2009 December snow - walk in the park - 1
The snow was falling REALLY hard! The weather
reporters had said we might get an inch or so
-- but nothing much. They were so wrong!
2009 December snow - walk in the park - 2
Everything got dark and gray, with the snow
falling so heavy! The trees were quickly covered
with tons of snow.
2009 December snow - walk in the park - 3

2009 December snow - walk in the park - 4
Can you make out the picnic table in the park?
2009 December snow - walk in the park - 5
Here's the table closer -- and you can see
how hard the snow is falling!
2009 December snow - walk in the park - 6
Here's the snow against a tree in the park.
2009 December snow - walk in the park - 7
Marilyn poses on the tennis court in the park.
2009 December snow - walk in the park - 8
And here I am, wearing a festival jacket from
several years ago, as it's very warm!
2009 December snow 1
Here's the tree in the front yard. This was
taken after dark (as you can tell). It's still
snowing really hard!
2009 December snow 1
Marilyn and I thought this looked like 'fairy lights'
it turned out so pretty! (smile) The snow looks very
cool as it comes down.
2009 December snow 1
This is our bear in the back yard, covered with snow!
2009 December snow 1
Here's the other side of the front yard, where our
lighted tree stands.

Snow in Portland is always a big deal, as many years we don't get ANY at all. Just sayin'!

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