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Halloween and OryCon Weekend...

I didn't even mention anything about our costumes for Halloween this year! Awful!

Okay, this one is a secret, so don't tell anyone Marilyn mistressmarilyn works with, please! (smile)

She decided this year she'd go as 'dead Marilyn Monroe.'

She's going to do her hair Marilyn Monroe-like, wear her pearls and Marilyn-like make-up. She'll be wrapped in a sheet and carrying a pill bottle of Nembutal (Good and Plenty candy, actually -- I made a label for the bottle) and will also have a bottle of Champagne (filled with sparkling cider) and a champagne glass.

Then she'll wear false eyelashes that are coming off and white stage powder and blue lipstick. (She's dead, remember.)

For those who don't know, Marilyn Monroe O.D.ed on Nembutal and was found naked and wrapped in a sheet. (My sister Marilyn was actually named after Marilyn Monroe, by the way. A family joke that Dad liked the original MM, so Mom gave him one of his own. You guys have no idea how delighted Dad was when Marilyn finally went blonde! Tickled him.)

She had considered doing Madonna -- in keeping with her music-related theme of the past several years. Three years ago she did Britney Spears, two years ago it was Eminem and last year she did Jessica Simpson. (grin)

I got a fabulous Renaissance type gown (full length) in red and black! (Don't ask what it cost.) I already own an amazing cape that's reversible and huge (with hood) that's black outside and red inside. So! (I can add fangs, which I also got -- very realistic ones. And have stage blood capsules. If I want, that is.)

Or I can wear my brand new 'armor' breast plate (back and front) and carry my new sword -- which is huge and made from solid, painted wood with a heavy hilt big enough for both hands!

We've got OryCon coming up the weekend after Halloween, so we'll wear some of this stuff then, too. (Probably not 'dead Marilyn Monroe,' though.)

Three days (Friday-Sunday) of 'what happens at OryCon stays at OryCon' madness and fun. Major party-down time! (smile)

So Marilyn got a cool 'vampire' outfit (see-through skirt that came with hotpants, but can be worn with leggings or pants -- very sexy) and a pirates outfit (also very sexy), too. We're set. (grin)

She also got a few Legolas tees to wear. We'd wanted to get a bunch of LOTR stuff, but might be able to do that there, actually. (They always have a good Dealers Room.)

Must. Work. Now!

(I feel slightly crummy, actually. I apparently have a middle-ear infection that's got my ear crackling and has me dizzy. Regardless, I'm not going to miss a second of dancing or other partying at OryCon. Hope it's over by then...)

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