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Gift From Our Mailman

What a surprise! Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I got a package (a CD) in our mailbox, with a tag signed from 'Mailman Don.'

We've never really gotten to know our mailman (since Debbie we've had so many different people, and none of them on any regular schedule), so this is decidedly a positive and nice thing!

Yes, we always put out a package for the mailman, but I'm especially glad we did this year. (Who knows? In previous years he may not have received it, as there always seems to be a 'temp' on...)

I'm thinking about doing something for him and the garbage and recycling people for New Year, too...

Marilyn and sister Sue suzy_qp are getting the oil changed in their cars right now. (Plus any additional work that needs to be done.) I just gathered all the garbage in the house and took it out (more than normal because of the holidays), and picked up a bit -- just in case anyone would drop by!

Tags: 2009, car, december-2009, mailman, marilyn, sister-sue

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