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I. Am. A. Genius. (Not Really!) Website-Related...

Actually, I'm so far from being a genius it isn't even funny! (smile) But I did finally figure out something that had been driving me nuts for over a week...

I wanted to have my fanfic links at our website 'display' the summary -- without wasting actual page space on summaries. Yeah, yeah. Those of you who really understand HTML code will laugh at me hunting for the solution to no avail...

I was even (stupidly) investigating JavaScript solutions. I had no clue it was so simple!

Anyway, if you (like me prior to today) don't have a clue how this is accomplished, it's really simple. It just delights me no end!

You can 'hover' your cursor and see a cool result! Here's an example:

This is probably going to become another required-for-validation tag, I'm guessing, similar to the 'alt' tag for images. So it's great to get familiar with it, anyway!

I just had to laugh and laugh at how basic it is when I finally reasoned it out! (grin) But it was never covered in any of the online courses I took ages back -- and isn't featured in any of my manuals, either (for whatever reason).

NOTE: I've only checked it (so far) with Internet Explorer (IE) 6.0, Netscape 7.1 and Opera 7.23 -- so if you don't see anything when you hover, can you PLEASE comment and let me know? (And tell me what type and version browser you use?) I'll be very grateful! (In fact, if you use a different version browser than listed and can see it, knowing would be a help, too...)

Back to cleaning house, getting up the Halloween decos and so on. We have to go to a funeral on Halloween day, though. (sigh) Poor man, lost his wife. She had a stroke and died while he watched...

Sister Sue (our older sister) can't come over for Halloween this year, since she's working right now, so it will probably just be us.

I asked our neighbors to come, but they're dealing with Dorothy (June's mom) basically dying in their guest bedroom right now. Very hard. (I spent a good part of the afternoon over there with them yesterday...) I doubt they'll want to leave her for even long enough to drop in and eat.

Well, I'm so thrilled by this you'd think I'd created the internet! (smile) I'm in a very good mood right now! Especially considering that online has been kind of a 'downer' recently in a few of the places Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I like to play. But we're not letting it get to us! That's a promise!

Hugs to all my friends, by the way! Hope you're all doing well...

Tags: 2004, html, october-2004

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