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Very Lazy Day!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I slept in really late. Sister Sue suzy_qp left before I got up, though I did check on her several times during the night (early morning). She did end up going to church with her friend and enjoying it.

We spoke with cousin Linda today, and left a message for friend Shari. But aside from that, we weren't really social -- the first time in a full week.

Right now we're sitting playing Zuma on our desktop computers in the office. We didn't go out all day, putting off getting our manicures for tomorrow.

I did speak briefly to my boss Jeff -- but it wasn't about work. He has issues with his home computer and wanted advice on what software might help. I recommended AVG as an anti-virus and Malwarebytes to remove adware/spyware (both are free). So we'll see if that helps him. Bottom line, I suggested Kris could help him out -- so that may be what happens for him.

Well, back to playing games!

Tags: 2009, cousin-linda, december-2009, jeff, marilyn, shari, sister-sue, software

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