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The Grotto, Friend Shari and More Bunco!

As I mentioned here in my blog on December 22, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I wanted to take our friend Shari to The Grotto (The National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother) to see the 22nd Annual Christmas Festival of Lights. (Unfortunately the official site has used up their bandwidth, so I'm not sure you can go there right now -- just an F.Y.I.)

Anyway, we invited both friend Mitch and sister Sue suzy_qp to join us, so tonight they both came over and then Sue drove all of us out to Milwaukie, Oregon (yes, that's how we spell it here in Oregon) to pick up Shari. We gave Shari her birthday gifts, a stocking for her cat and a giant Christmas card -- and she gave me my bday gifts from her.

We got a great parking spot at The Grotto (and took along canned food for their food drive) and then headed in to see the display, which is AMAZINGLY beautiful! (I forgot to take along my camera, I'm afraid. But it's one of the most wonderful light displays.) The Nativity is set up in the actual Grotto area (the figures are LOVELY), and there are lights everywhere. Then there are performers and much more. We walked all over and had such a nice time.

We ended by visiting the gift shop. I got a Saint Michael medallion and Marilyn got a new cross keychain.

Then we drove Shari home and dropped her off and the four of us came back to our house and had a bite to eat. Then we played Bunco again -- same teams -- and Sue and I beat them again! (heh) Not as bad as Friday/last night, but still...

Mitch headed home (he has church in the morning -- he's an organist), Marilyn went to do the treadmill and Sue is settling in to spend the night here (so Candy and her friend can have the house). I'm blogging, then ready to head to bed. (I haven't felt all that well today, but it didn't spoil my fun, so whatever!)

Sue is planning to go to church with a friend tomorrow morning, so will probably be gone before we get up. But maybe if we go to bed early enough we won't sleep in quite as late tomorrow! (smile)

The holidays have been so lovely and fun this year -- and we're very much enjoying our vacation! We've got another week off to go, with a lot of things planned to get done.

Sue said she might actually like to go along if we (Marilyn, Mitch and I) see "Sherlock Holmes" again (!!!), and she wants to go with the two of us (Mitch declined) to see "It's Complicated."

As always, life is good!

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