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Dentist Report? Not Good.

I went to my 12:45 appointment (changed from the original 1:45), but Dentist Mary was unable to complete the root canal.

She was going to send me to a specialist, but she knows I can't afford it (a minimum of $2,000, probably more). So she suggested we pull the tooth and put in a bridge. So it looks like I'll be having an extraction on January 4. (An interesting start for the New Year, huh?)

I had a hunch it wouldn't be able to happen, so I'm not really surprised. It's disappointing, but whatever. The minute she drilled it open and poked inside I had pain (and it began to bleed again), so it was clear from the get-go it was a mess.

Anyway, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I went to have Starbucks and then went to a new Christian store and bought a few things, then just got home. We going to our friend Marcia's house tonight.

And it's Wednesday, so I need to do the garbage and recycling (of course). We're going to get goodies at the store to give them (as we do every year). The yard guys came today, and we sent goodies with them for Hector and Sandy, plus gave each of the three guys working $10 each (in little red socks). I should (again) mention that Marilyn is remarkably generous, and I'm delighted to be part of her generosity to others.

Which reminds me that I need to do more neighbor deliveries! I don't know if that's happening today, or not, considering we need to go to another store and then later to Marcia's...

Looks like I'll be making most of my deliveries on Christmas Eve again this year! (smile)

I'm in some pain from my tooth, but it's not killing me. I'll probably skip the Vicodin and use booze to ease the discomfort. Sounds like a plan!!!

I should take pictures of our tree, which turned out lovely! Must do that...

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