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Annual Christmas Trip to Hump's

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I made our annual Christmas trip to Hump's Restaurant, in Clatskanie, Oregon. This year sister Sue suzy_qp joined us for the first time.

After having a nice meal (in the smoke-free bar -- which is a very homey environment), the three of us all set up our laptops and used the WiFi to play online for a bit.

This was the (used) laptop we're giving Sue for Christmas, her first ever. (She has a desktop PC at home, of course.) She was happily in a spot where she could plug it in, as the battery won't hold a charge right now. (We've got a new battery on order for her, but I doubt it will be here by Christmas. Oh well. No big deal!)

Sue hadn't been sure she'd enjoy having a laptop, but she was actually delighted -- and had a good time. It was really FUN for all three of us to sit there together on our laptops.

We got home around 4:30, then I took our Christmas goodies to two of the neighbors -- Ian and Rose, and Janet and Doug. Ian was very friendly, but couldn't really visit, as he and Rose were heading to see the Nutcracker tonight (and Rose was off getting ready) -- that was fine, as I usually find time to visit with them a little all year long. But I visited for some time with Janet and Doug. She immediately had me taste her home made applets (yummy), and gave me mini zucchini loaves -- and a container of homemade hot buttered rum mix! We have lovely neighbors, I have to say. So that's two deliveries done, with a lot more yet to do (!!!). Many of us in the neighborhood do end up taking things around on Christmas Eve. (smile)

Actually, last year Doug BROKE HIS BACK taking goodies to Tom and Estelle's house. We had such AWFUL weather at Christmas time last year, it was little wonder. He's doing great now, by the way.

We're due to head to Super Wal-Mart with Sue very soon.

I phoned our friend Shari, as we'd hoped to get together with her tonight (clearly that's not happening). Her birthday is tomorrow, so we wanted to celebrate tonight by taking her to The Grotto (The National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother) to see the 22nd Annual Christmas Festival of Lights (she mentioned at some point that she'd like to go, so we thought it might be fun for all of us to do this together). I think she may be with Bob (her brother) and Jan (her sister-in-law) today, to celebrate her bday, so she clearly won't be home in time to go. No matter -- we can go next week, as it runs until December 30.

(Our friend and co-worker Peter is the event manager for the event, and both Rich and Laura work it, as well...)

We did sleep in this morning (lovely!!!), by the way, which was nice! I have dishes to do (many by hand), so I should try to tackle those when we get home. And I could take out more neighbor gifts, if it's not too late...

I need to download and share photos of the three of us at Hump's today! Marilyn reminded me to take them, which was cool!

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