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The 'New' Firefox Burns My Ass...

Seriously, you all know I love Firefox...

But I don't like the way the cache clears in the most recent versions. Not. At. All.

Why can't you simply have the option to 'clear cache now' like we used to be able to do???

I find it highly annoying. I don't WANT to have to set to clear the cache for every time I stop using Firefox. I just want to be able to clear the cache when I feel like... (sigh)

On that note, Daniel (the phone dude) was telling me what he liked about Google Chrome. I did try it before, but wasn't a fan. (I find it too minimalist for me -- and I love the Firefox addons.) Anyway, maybe I need to give it another chance...

I don't see myself moving away from Firefox. But considering how I burned I am right now about the cache thing, who knows? (smile)

Tags: 2009, chrome, december-2009, firefox

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