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Just Before Midnight!

I'm posting this with only minutes to spare before midnight -- what a surprise! (smile)

It was a VERY busy day at the office, and after Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I got home and had dinner, we both laid down to have a nap. I don't think she slept at all, but I was dead to the world and just woke up!

I got Pam using Remote Desktop today. Her problem (as a PC user)? Exactly what I'd said it was -- she had Internet Explorer 8, which wouldn't allow her access. Somehow Pam was convinced she'd never updated to version 8, but that wasn't the case. As she was using Vista on her laptop (which she brought in for a 9:30 meeting with me this morning) and wasn't convinced she wanted to downgrade to IE7, I put on Deepnet Explorer for use with Remote Desktop. So she's the last person on Staff who needed to be able to telecommute, and she's finally able to. (woo hoo)

We confirmed that the MAC users were all connecting (except for Christie, who was out sick today), so that means everyone is good to go, at last.

In other news, parking for the future was discussed in Staff meeting today. The festival is being more than generous with everyone and giving them a monthly amount toward parking that they can set up in a fund (with their own money) that is pre-taxed dollars. I don't know how everyone felt about it, but as most businesses don't provide this, I thought it was a wonderful thing. The issue is that for the past decade (approximately) while we've been away from downtown Portland, parking has been free. But we're back in the real world now (grin), and parking can run from $160 up a month...

Marilyn and I took a break around noon and walked (in the pouring and cold rain) to Starbucks. We got something and sat there talking for nearly an hour, getting back in time for our 1:00 meetings. Mine own meeting was with the phone people (along with Hailey) to learn the Administrative side of our phone system. It's complicated, but I think I understand it. If not, there's a phone number to call for support help, so it's all good. Daniel came in (I really love him) and taught us the basics for adding a new User and so on -- and we told him some of our concerns and offered a list of questions.

Kris phoned during that meeting to find out about what equipment I wanted to buy from him. I grabbed Marilyn (then in another meeting at her desk) and we quickly reviewed my available budget. I decided on two new desktops, at the one-time price of $425 (a break from the usual $475). I might get a third down the line -- and Kris has promised to try and give us that same break if he can (sweet of him). These are Lenovo computers, my personal favorite brand. I can't wait to have time (Friday???) to set them up for Marilyn and Carol. Then their existing computers bump down to interns, giving everyone better equipment for 2010, which is a very good thing!

We two were the last to leave (surprise!), but did get away from the office by just past 6:00, so that wasn't bad at all!

I barely had a minute to look at my email today (!!!), I was so busy. Needless to say, I didn't get the next eNewsletter started, so that will have to happen tomorrow, along with everything else I need to do. Hopefully I'll be able to quickly get that done, as I'd like to send it out on Thursday.

I didn't have a second to spend on the festival website, but I wasn't expecting to. I doubt I'll get much done there -- and then Marilyn and I are OFF for the next two weeks in a row. I have no plan to work during that vacation, so...

I'd hoped we would have a meeting about the website with Carol today, but there was no time for it. Hopefully we'll get to discuss the changes I plan soon, but I'm not going to worry about it. I'm spending less time on the website in the future, and that's all there is to it. And as there's no one else to help with the work, people will simply have to live with it...

Anyway, the rain poured down ALL DAY LONG without stopping -- it was miserable! You could see snow mixed in while we were out for our walk. Both our coats (with hoods) that we were wearing no longer shed rain, so we were soaked by the time we got back. Hopefully we'll figure out something better for the rest of the rainy (and cold?) winter months...

And that's my day! I'm looking forward to tomorrow, where I'll be racing to get things done before Marilyn dashes home in the afternoon to get me. She has a 4:30 meeting, and directly after that we head to Jodi's concert downtown. (Jodi phoned me today to let me know our tickets would be waiting for us at the door.)

No, we didn't get our tree up tonight. I'll try and set it up tomorrow so we can start decorating it when we get home from the concert tomorrow night. If we don't finish it until Thursday, that's fine. We just want it DONE before next weekend! The goal is to actually bake cookies next weekend. The following Monday night is our Writing Circle, so it will be nice to be decorated (tree and all) before then.

Yes, this is a very busy time of year! Life is good!

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