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Icon-Making Frenzy! (heh)

Yeah, so I'm in an icon-making frenzy, no doubt. Yesterday I posted both Christmas and Hanukkah icons -- today I posted Kwanzaa icons. I've got three more batches of Christmas almost ready to go (minus a few for that fourth batch), as well. Then I guess I need to tackle some New Year's icons. (grin)

I did some rain icons back in October, but before that I hadn't posted icons since back 2008! Yeesh. Hard to believe! Seriously, I love making (and sharing) icons.

Of course, it's probably no wonder I've done so few in the last couple of years. Doing graphics for the festival website and my (award-winning) eNewsletters kept me pretty busy. Frankly, work just plain old keeps me busy! I love doing the work (and I'm proud of what I produce, of course), but I miss being more active with icons. I'm going to try and keep it up more in 2010... (Maybe I should make that one of my New Year's Resolutions!)

I also FINALLY got the decorations for both Halloween and Thanksgiving boxed away. Don't misunderstand me -- they weren't lying around the living room or anything! But I had them stacked up in a corner of the family room and in the utility room -- and they needed to be put away for next year. After all, it's time to decorate for CHRISTMAS!!! (smile)

I still need to dust and vacuum, but I'm pretty much picked up, at least. For the most part this was yet another lazy day (aside from what I've mentioned above). So far I've yet to tackle the new laptop for work (!!!), which I need to take in with me on Tuesday. But no rush. (grin)

I made scrambled eggs and bacon for Marilyn mistressmarilyn and me for brunch today. We didn't really have dinner, but we did have hot cocoa! (yummy) Last night we had a late dinner of an old fave: roast beef hash, string beans and cottage cheese. We both love it.

As always, it's all about the food! (heh)

I'm yawning like mad. I either need a nap, or bedtime. It seems pretty early for bed on a Sunday night! Tomorrow we'll put up our Christmas tree (woo hoo), and probably other decorations, too. Can't wait!

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