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Target, Anyone? Hell, Let's Talk LINKS, Period!

Is this a really (really) stupid question?

I often wonder why people who link things don't use the 'target' feature more often?

(Thank heaven for Evamaria shirasade! She always uses it...)

I'm not speaking of people who just stick in the URL/link and clearly have no clue how to write even basic HTML code -- I'm actually speaking of those who do write a code line (linking to one or more WORDS in their entry). It's just not that much more difficult to add:

target="_blank" the link -- is it?

That way the link will open in a separate browser window -- and not drag you out of your own LiveJournal Friends view.

Sometimes it really doesn't matter, but other times it's just maddening! (Makes me wish I'd never clicked the link in the first place!)

Okay, and while we're on the subject of links, can people please find a way to show that there's a link in the middle of a sentence? Add the code for underlining (my personal fave, seeing as that's the default for links online) or bold? I've so easily MISSED links because LJ decided to eliminate the underlining by default in all LJs!

(Yeah, yeah. We can change it if we wish. Fine. But the average user has no clue how to do that! And, yeah, I can change it for my own 'friends' view -- but that does me no good when I need to go in and view something in a community from the community view.)

Oh well! I'm lucky if I can manage to remind people that the 'lj-cut is your friend' (grin). I've seen some people use some pretty nifty banners that feature exactly that, by the way!

Last week I simply gave up reading for a couple days at LJ. My friends view was screwed by images outside the lj-cut. I didn't have time to dick with scrolling right into next year, so I threw up my hands and said 'to hell' with it.

Then another day (later in the week) I tried again and found the same thing! Several people (besides me) had mentioned the lj-cut option -- to no avail. So I finally just changed my 'default view' filter to avoid the journal in question...

The problem with that is I frequently forget to go and change it back later! Which means I'll miss reading a given community (usually) or a friend's journal -- often for ages (!!!) -- because I don't remember that I've temporarily 'zapped' them. (sigh)

I hate ever filtering out a community -- and moreso for friends. But what can I do? I'm limited for time to read here. Further, my frustration level goes to hell pretty quickly when I have to deal with something so petty as the right-scrolling annoyance. I've got better things to get upset about, after all! (smile)

Come on -- I can't be the only 'bad' guy around who is bugged by this stuff, can I?

What's annoying is that I usually do want to share the links and pictures people post! (I personally love seeing photos of family, friends, trips, etc.)

I'm always cool with long entries that aren't cut and are simply text. It's easy enough to skim those if I'm in a hurry. (grin) But they don't require scrolling right...

Okay, the same goes for huge text, by the way. Especially marqueeing (ugh) text. (Just kills my eyes, too.)

I think this is bordering on ranting now. (grin) Time to quit, in that case!

But the good thing is that they seem to have 'fixed' the 'update journal' problem, now! Hurray! No more scrolling right for that, anyway...

Better get cracking! Work calls...

(Honest, my mood is good! I'm just wondering, is all!)

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