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Tonight: Rite-Aid (for meds), Office, Post Office and Wrapping the Outdoor Spigots...

I slept much of the afternoon/evening. I was awakened at one point by Rite-Aid phoning. The pharmacist had (finally) 'fixed' the issue with getting my meds. (I'd had to phone about my insurance, and the lovely Jay had been a WONDERFUL help. But Rite-Aid? Not so much...)

When Marilyn mistressmarilyn woke up, we dashed down just in time to get my meds before the pharmacy closed -- they were starting to close when I got to the counter! Anyway, that was good news, as we didn't know when we'd have time to go tomorrow.

Then we headed downtown to the Interim office to do a couple of things. We parked on the street in free parking, thankfully!

Marilyn did the bills today, so we took them (downtown) to the main branch of the post office to mail them (we had to buy stamps from the machine). (We gave a homeless woman who was there warming herself twenty dollars.)

We stopped at McDonalds and got burgers, which we ate without their buns with cottage cheese for our dinner. After that, Marilyn went to do the treadmill (go, Marilyn!).

Finally, I went outside to put the covers on the outdoor spigots (faucets), that have been uncovered all this time! (My bad -- seriously -- for letting this go so long.) We've been worried about it, but I keep forgetting to do it in the daytime. So I just didn't want to wait another (very cold) night, and I grabbed a flashlight and out I went. I won't go into the lengthy story of how it all worked out (annoyingly), but I'll just say the covers are on and we both feel much better. Marilyn had seen some flooded houses on the news that had her pretty upset (understandably).

It's a shame that so many empty houses (that people lost due to the economy) are being RUINED with flooding from burst pipes. With no occupants, they sit empty and COLD. It's bad enough that people have lost these homes, but now they won't be fit for ANYONE to live in. (sigh)

I just did my thing (commenting) at suggestions, as I always try to do. I need to do some moderation, too, time permitting.

Happily, I really don't seem to be in terrible pain from my oral surgery. Mary (my dentist) had been worried I'd be suffering really bad, but it's now close to 2:00 a.m. and I'm fine. I haven't had a pain pill since 5:00 p.m. -- and I was due to take one at midnight. I hope things will remain good. She thought I might swell up again (!!!), but I really hope not!

Time for bed!

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