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I'm So DONE For Today...

I didn't begin to get everything done that I wanted to today. (sigh) As I said to Marilyn mistressmarilyn earlier today, if only I had another 12 hours a day. I just might get there!

I worked on the festival website today. I did a bunch of IT junk (including talking to Kris about Remote Desktop for the MAC users and some other things). I cleaned in our kitchen, pretty much on a whim. We have almost no counter space, so it tends to get covered with stuff. I'd told Marilyn I wanted to maybe bake cookies this year, and she said our kitchen wasn't set up for it. So I figured if I could free up more space, maybe we could do it -- and I was off and running! I cleaned more than half the cupboards in the kitchen and got rid of a lot of stuff. I had an extra (large) bag of garbage tonight for the garbage tomorrow, so that's an indication right there. I also filled a large box full of stuff for the Goodwill (yet again). I forced myself to part with some items that were Mom's, but which I don't use.

I cleaned off most of the stuff we had on top of the fridge, including a plant. It's currently growing in water, but I'm going to try putting it in soil. (It used to have a fish in the water, years ago!) There's only one over-sized bowl and a tray with a wooden cow and a tiny cow 'painting' on top now -- quite a difference. I got a lot of surfaces freed up, as well as organizing cupboards to make things easier to find. I really (really) need to tackle the inside of the fridge, but that needs to wait for another day!

I wrote a second story for the Writer's Digest 10th Annual Short, Short Story Competition (the deadline to submit is tomorrow) -- then I submitted it along with the story I wrote for our last Writing Circle project. That first story is titled "The Christmas Cat," and I wrote it knowing I wanted to submit it. (We had an open topic last time around.) My second story that I wrote today is titled, "The Cabinet," and ended up being sort of a romance. The hard part was making them SHORT enough (they had to be under 1,500 words, including the title), but I managed.

They say: "We're looking for fiction that's bold, brilliant...but brief. Send us your best in 1,500 words or fewer."

I don't know if either story was 'bold' or 'brilliant' (???), but I was happy enough with them to submit them, anyway. (smile)

The winners are notified by February 15, 2010. They also say: "If you have not been contacted by this date, you may assume that your entry is not a finalist and may be marketed elsewhere." Okay, then! (grin)

What else did I get done?

I tidied up in the living room and started going through some ideas for Christmas gifts. I ended up straightening up the coat closet, too, when Marilyn got home from work and couldn't find a spot to put her hat and scarf. It's needed it, but you know how that goes. Actually, we keep it pretty decent, over all. It's never the disaster you see on TV or in the movies, believe me! But it is neater now than before -- with room for hats and other things (gloves, earmuffs, etc.).

I fixed something (uncooked) for dinner -- nothing fancy. Then I did the garbage and recycling (duh, Charlie) that I started earlier today. At least I did the cat boxes before dark!!!

I did take time out today to do the hummingbird feeder again (it needs it daily, as it keeps freezing). Yeah, I could just try to thaw it out, but what the hell, it's just sugar! So I make it up fresh so I can get it back out there quickly. And I put food out for the birds and squirrels, too. Yesterday I gave sister Sue suzy_qp a couple old mountain fleece blankets to put in the 'house' we gave her ages ago for the outdoor cat, Chubby. They've been bringing him in the house to sleep for an hour or so, but he's so used to being an outdoor cat that he wants back out again. On the other hand, he's totally adopted them and is glad to have a family of his own! He's just the most wonderful, friendly cat -- I love him to pieces. And huge -- I need to share photos.

Sammy, Sue's female kitten, never came home and hasn't been found. I suspect someone took the cat and kept it. She's a beautiful black and white and really healthy and playful, so I wouldn't be surprised if she has a new home. Anyway, I say it frequently to Sue, as it cheers her. (She hates to think of the cat dying in this awful cold, as we all do...)

Well, it's 9:00 p.m. and my day is DONE. I'm going to maybe have a hot bath and then take a nap. I promised myself a beer, so I'll probably have at least half of one. Maybe I'll read my book, too.

Colin is curled up in cat bed downstairs. Henry is curled up in Marilyn's office chair (right next to me) and sleeping soundly. Marilyn took a hot bath and is napping on the downstairs sofa (her favorite place). She didn't feel that well today and said she felt chilled all day long, even though she never complained. (Of course she didn't!) The whole house -- except for me -- is sound asleep. This cold makes you want to sleep and sleep.

We ran the furnace all night long last night! (brr)

I have my root canal tomorrow morning. I'll be glad when it's done. I have a TON of things I hope to get done tomorrow afternoon. I hope I'm not too out of it. I started to put away both Halloween (which was in a pile in a corner downstairs) and Thanksgiving (all the decorations, I mean). Then I'll clean (vacuum, dust and mop) so I can put out Christmas! We'd love to get our tree up soon. (And we have outside decorations, too. But I don't know if I can face them until it's a bit warmer.) I need to do an eNewsletter for work and more at the website (of course). But right now I'm actually NOT putting the festival work first, for a change. I plan to try and balance it more, so I can focus on other things part of the time (like my writing).

Anyway, on that note...

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