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Busy (Long) Work Day -- An IT Win!

Today was a long, long day for both Marilyn mistressmarilyn and me. As usual, we were the last two in the office after everyone else was long gone. And neither of us took a break all day long. (My bday was celebrated during Staff Meeting, which was really nice -- we had the fruit platter I'd requested.)

We went directly from work to the grocery store, as we were STARVING and wanted to pick up some food for dinner. (All we'd had to eat all day was some fruit.) Plus we needed to shop for our Christmas gifts for Friday (our Staff gathering). Happily we each found something! Her gift is so cool! More about it soon...

Today was a huge IT win for me! I got Lilia back up and connected (!!!), set up Ashley's computer (the one she used last year) at her station (which is next to mine), set up an additional station in the IT area for our Graphics computer (formerly the computer located at Ashley's spot) -- and got Microsoft Office installed on it, which is BIG. (That computer crashed badly in the past and is maxed out with software applications, so I'm pretty proud of this one. I wasn't sure I'd be able to do it.) I also got our new phone software installed on three computers that were missed (Carol's, Marilyn's and Ashley's) -- which took AGES to do. I helped Marilyn, Paul and Rich re-arrange Jeff's office and get his equipment up and running again, too. There may have been some other tasks, but I can't think of them right now.

Then Kris came by and got Jeff's Blackberry working (again) -- it took him around 10 minutes. Then he started fixing the MAC issue concerning Remote Desktop (again). It was so good of him to come by, considering his 83-year-old mother went to emergency with a heart issue today! But he insisted on coming in, regardless, showing his level of commitment to us -- which impressed the hell out of me!

Considering it was once iffy whether or not I would have a work station in the Interim Office (!!!), I'm pleased I've got a place for both Ashley and Laura (two separate, not shared, spots), a place for a computer for Angel to Remote (and use as a station when he's in the office) and a spot for the Graphics computer (including the scanner I was told we wouldn't have a place for). Seriously, this is all big stuff.

Thursday Kent will be in and take care of some other things that need to be done. And Marilyn might discuss setting up additional stations in the spare (currently unused) room. There shouldn't be any problem with that, I'd think, though I didn't look to see how many wall connections are located there. At this point, I could probably put those live myself, if they're not live right now. But it depends on how many there are as to how it would work out for our needs. (I just discussed this with Marilyn, so we might wait for me to check it out, as there's no rush to get things working in there right now, anyway.)

We found out today in Staff Meeting that we won't be moving into the new building until March 19, which is around a month later than originally expected. We've moved the festival office before in March, so whatever -- we'll manage fine. It does mean we want to make this Interim space more 'ours' while we're here, though. We'll probably hang some art and so on.

It's BITCHING COLD here, let me tell you! It's currently 21° in Portland. Thankfully it's clear skies, so no freezing rain or snow. I hate freezing rain. It's hard to keep our offices warm enough, and the same is true here at home, too. (brr) This may not seem cold to many of you, but we're used to mild temperatures here normally.

The finale of "The Biggest Loser" was fabulous, we got home in time to see the whole show. And we were both pleased that Danny won (not fans of Rudy, frankly). There were many moving and special moments and we were in tears more than once. It's just a great series!

But I was dead tired after a long and exhausting day, so I could barely keep my eyes open. I need to get a nap in big time. It was a VERY GOOD DAY, but a long one -- and I'm worn out.

I'm working from home tomorrow (Marilyn has another long day in the office). Hopefully I can finish the website work that I just couldn't find time for today! Then Thursday I have the dentist and my root canal. It seems like half our office is getting dental work done right now, including Carol, Lilia, Rich, Peter and me -- all at the same time! Weird.

At least everyone seems healthy right now (though poor Madhu is dealing with a lot of morning sickness -- all day long).

Time for a much-needed nap!

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